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Sewing This & That

November 7th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I have been puttering around sewing a few random things here and there. The shift of seasons always throws me for a loop. Getting into the groove of low light, shorter days and more time indoors. That cold weather groove.

I made a quilted laptop sleeve for my computer last week from pink waterproof pack cloth. The inside is a funky vintage canvas and it’s padded with batting scraps from this quilt project. I could have bought one but where’s the fun in that!

I sewed this cute cap, pattern found here. Oliver is modeling it but it became a birthday gift for an adorable little friend of ours.I used recycled fabric reclaimed from a pair of old corduroys which made the hat nice and soft and we lined it with hot pink cotton from the scrap pile.

Lastly we have been doing lots of freezer paper stenciling. Now I thought pretty much everyone had heard of this technique but everywhere the kids go wearing their newly customized shirts folks are asking. So if you havent tried this super fun stenciling technique —– check out tutorials here and here for the how to. So much fun!

ps. I don’t use fabric paint, just straight acrylic paint because that is what I have on hand and it seems to work just fine.

Oh and I don’t let the paint dry because I am too impatient, we just carefully peel the paper stencil off after painting and it always seems to come off just fine.

Oh and you know that freezer paper is kind of hard to find, just ask the local butcher for a bit of it, they are usually happy to oblige. A little goes a long way!




Art is Good For You!

October 17th, 2011 by zoe 5 Comments

In case you didnt know this already – art is good for you!

It doesnt have to be grand and intense, it doesnt have to be expensive and out of reach. Sometimes it’s hung with just a bit of yarn and some clothes pins. Oh and this great site  Feed Your Soul , where they share a new work of art that you can print for FREE each week!

I am enjoying my new desk even more now that I have some new art work hanging around to make me smile. With just a few tacks and a string of yarn I have a spot to display the watercolor and glitter creations my kids are making these days.

Oh, and if you are 4 and three quarters art is always better with glitter. Glitter makes the world sparkly around here. And though sometimes it seems crazy messy, glue and glitter occupy my son Emmett for hours on end. He is now such a glitter pro that he has a preference for this glitter by Martha. In fact, this very morning he headed down to his art table and started “working” on a glitter masterpiece before I even rolled out of bed!  So when the glitter is getting “sprinkled” and I start to shutter at the thought of glitter seeping into every nook of our lives I try to remind myself that that’s what vacuums are for. Hours of happy glitter play really only takes a few minutes to hoover up!!

We Do Cloth

October 16th, 2011 by zoe 5 Comments

Around here, we do cloth. Don’t even get me started about how much I love cloth diapers especially these!!  My sister actually packs her own paper towels when she comes to visit, which kinda cracks me up. Cloth napkins at the table are lovely. BUT, setting the table with a new round of napkins for each meal was proving to be a washing CHORE.

This post from Amanda over at SouleMama proved to be just the sort of big family table advice I needed to find  balance. Napkin rings — huh, not something I would have ever thought of…. but you know when each family member has their own special ring they can use a napkin for more than one meal and it really cuts down on the washing. Plus, children love rituals and jobs.  I love having them be part of the household by setting the table and helping prepare the meals. Win Win!

I had a bit too much fun finding antique napkin rings on Ebay. After way too much computer lusting…  Oliver my jumper has a kangaroo and Emmett my little bird has a chick. Big Dada has a very plain classic napkin ring,  just they way he likes it. I am still on the hunt for my own napkin ring identity —- out in the studio I have a bit of silver that might evolve into something perfect, someday.

Oh, and I did not make these napkins, I splurged and bought them at Target. I really hate ironing and the thought of making all those mitered corners makes me cringe! I am a big fan of no sew fringe edge napkins made with Kona Cotton fabric which can be found at just about any fabric store. Elmers our local breakfast joint uses single layer raw edge napkins and they work just great.  And if you missed it, here is a little tutorial I shared a few weeks back for a super quick school lunch napkin using the same technique.

Click the Captain Crafty project sheet, save to file and print.

Story Blocks & Stones

October 13th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

These past weeks have been hectic and exhausting but now …. with some rest and relaxation I am feeling the happy groove of fall. My craft fair was a sparkly success, thanks to all those who came out and bought ALL my wares.

Ah… now I can relax by the fire, enjoy the fall colors and party under the big full moon.

Now I can get back to fun little projects with my boys!  We cut down a few small trees to make some natural log blocks. All I did is cut slices of wood and sand the edges. I have read here and there that a bit of bee’s wax makes for a nice finishing touch.

With all our gathered stones and the fabric scraps on the studio floor we made some story stones following the tutorial over at Red Bird Crafts.Then, we mixed it all up and made story blocks too.

With a handful of stones or wood slices you can easily make these too!

Simply cut little fabric or paper scraps into shapes.
With a brush coat your rock or wood slice in a layer of goop. Lay your story inspiration image,on and brush with another layer of goop.  You can use the real deal Mod Podge or make your own goop by mixing one part Elmers glue to one part water.After your story blocks and stones dry gather some folks together and tell  tales of the fox and snake on their way to get ice cream cones.

With the cozy indoor days ahead we are planning to make lots of story blocks and stones – nothing is quite as fun as building stories.

Make Your Own Twig Books

October 6th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

Years ago I worked in a factory building that had been converted to artist studios. Next door to my pottery studio was the studio of a world-class bookbinder. The bookbinder had a recycling bin outsider her space that was filled with scraps of the finest paper in the world. I collected stacks and stacks of paper and artwork from that bin — oh my!  My stacks have grown thin but last week I got out these small strips and the kids watercolored an adventure. After their little paintings dried and we turned them into stick books. Their stories were very interesting and the little books feel so substantial and arty made from such fine paper!

We got the idea for these sweet little twig books here. You simply take a hole punch to the folded edges and loop a rubber band through onto your stick ends. They make for great journals plus collecting the sticks makes for a good adventure too!


Guest Post at Meremade

September 30th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

This week I was excited to be invited to be a guest post over at Meremade where Jennifer is rounding up a month of Back To School projects.

Head on over to Meremade and you can see my 5 Minute School Lunch Napkins tutorial and loads of other Back To School projects, recipes and organizational ideas!