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Green Today, Autumn Tomorrow

September 21st, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Here in New England we are teetering on Fall. The trees have caught a tinge of color -  pops of orange and red can be seen here and there.

Mama cow is telling little Dahlia Doodle to eat all the green grass she can hold because Winter is coming.  Little Dahlia  is a Summer calf, she has no idea about Winter. She hears the birds flying overhead in their great V’s, they too are squawking about Winter, so she figures Mama cow must indeed be right.

Our spring chicks are plumping up and look like real chickens. The big seasoned hens are telling them to eat lots of grubs and get cozy up on the roost because winter is coming. The young chicks wonder a bit but do just as they are told.

Here in New England  the hills echo with the sounds of chain saws. Winters wood must be stacked… and stacked… and stacked.

Tractors are circling the fields harvesting the last cut of hay. Quick, before it rains.

Hay balers are spitting out perfect cubes — more stacking,and stacking and stacking.  Whole barns stacked high, full of sweet summer hay.

Our caterpillars are emerging, transformed, from their chrysalis. We are whispering in their ears, to listen to the wind, Mexico is calling.

Summers bounty is being harvested, canned, frozen and preserved.

We are loving the sun and the green but Fall is here with its undeniable message.

” Winter is coming and you best be getting ready!”




Mushroom Fun House

September 9th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

Here in the Northeast we have had a sea of rain fall on us, it just keeps pouring and pouring.  With all this rain the boys and I had a day of mushroom play. We put on our rain jackets and went on a Rain Hunt through the forest. I got the idea of collecting and photographing the mushroom varieties from our young neighbor Neice. The photographs taken of her mushrooms were crazy beautiful!! I did all the collecting with gloves on. In all honestly I was a little scared of some Edwardian fate be falling me, a sad tale of woe.  “Alas, she mistakenly plucked the dreaded Mushroom of Death, her children miss her so!”

I would love to learn more about them and hope to be able to use the photos to identify them once we borrow some field guides from the library.

We were so inspired by our real mushrooms we decided to make this mushroom house out of cardboard.

All of our little animal figures are sliding down the chimney and peeking out the doors of this giant mushroom house. Now, I best be getting to work cleaning the pond out of my basement or we will have a mushroom (not so fun!) house of our own!!!!

Oh, one more thing -

I am kinda new to this blog world and sometimes I am uncertain when to toot my own horn. In the last few months I have had some really cool sites feature some of my work – it’s always fun to have new visitors and this kind of recognition from established sites re-inspires me to carry on.

You can find some of my projects featured at

One Pretty Thing

The Crafty Crow



Fair Days

August 26th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

We had a grand country fair day -

Sheep dogs herding ducks right through the crowd.

Extra large horses happy to say hello.

Whirling rides providing happy dizzying fun.

Show animals lined up clean as any farm animal could be.

Winning a ribbon in the cross-cut saw competition, oh my!

Oh how we love these country fairs!


Tag Sale Bonaza

August 23rd, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

Lately we have been finding treasures on the side of the road. Tag sale dump piles are sometimes better than the real event.  There is something marvelous about FREE – as long as it doesn’t find its way straight to clutter!

This giant piece of “art” was a side of the road find. Nothing about it screamed quality, the frame was crappy & the print was warped and mildewed. But a big light frame was just what I needed for this -

I have been dreaming about creating a menu board for the kitchen ever since I saw them on Pinterest a few months ago. There isn’t much wall space in the kitchen but the big frame was perfect for the side of the refrigerator.

I cut a piece of plywood left over from my headboard project to fit the frame and painted it with chalkboard paint. The frame was perked up with a couple of coats of spray paint.  I stuck self adhesive velcro on the fridge & frame at the top and bottom – it holds the menu board amazingly well!

I am hoping that we can actually USE it to prevent the 3pm “what the #*$#*%*  is for dinner panic” that seems to be a constant around here. Also, I was kinda hoping it would help us cook something NEW each week rather than just rotating the same fav’s over and over and over. Now wouldnt that be all FANCY LIKE!

Road side find number two is my new boot box.  The roof over our porch doesn’t quite keep the rain out – so we put muddy farm boots in the new boot box. Because muddy farm boots just aint welcome in the house! The kids helped to give it a new coat of paint, which kept them happily occupied for close to an hour!

And lastly, this glass block vase came home with the boys and we  …. filled it with the last of the summer flowers.

Good by till next year, we will miss you summer flowers!



Garden Psychology

August 11th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

What I really meant was Garden Reverse Psychology!

We actually aren’t trying to grow vegetables, we are trying to grow pigweed and crab grass!

Shhhh don’t tell the carrots, beans or the squash – they don’t perform well under pressure! They are hiding out under mountains of weeds just doing their thing, happily growing without a care in the world.

Now on the other hand, the tomatoes and swiss chard have completely thrown in the towel, they prefer an adoring audience and have withered in obscurity, heart-broken that fame and fortune did not find them.

Sometimes you can get caught up thinking you can do it ALL. I was talking with some dear friends last night about how you have to make choices if you are going to live a bit more peacefully. Find time for your passions but perhaps let a few things go – release yourself from perfection in every direction!

I love beautiful flowering fruitful gardens but right now I have way too much on my plate to make it happen. And that is just fine with me.

The vegetable garden is a lawn of weeds and oddly enough …

By a small miracle we grew some carrots!

And some beans!

Some years, we really have had a full and bountiful garden, but this year ….

it looks like this!

Of course if you look carefully, growing right there in the middle is a happy healthy child.

A fine garden indeed!


Vermont Views

August 10th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

We are …

Filling up on Summer Sun.

Learning to keep afloat.

Breathing the freshest air.

Swimming till our lips are blue.

Soaking in green country views.

Loving the late blooming flowers.


Soon enough fall will roll in but for now,

we are loving lake life in Vermont.