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Spring Woods

April 15th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

We are out in the woods a lot these days. We have a new trail out back that passes by a porcupine villiage. Tiny caves on the hillside where porcupines are living happily. Did you know porcupines poop (a lot!) right outside their homes and that’s where you can find lots of quills. They are also great climbers and spend lots of time up high in trees!

Sometimes at night we hear the screams of a fisher cat echo through the ravine and wonder if all the cute little fellas made it home safely.

Spring signs are everywhere with green moss, peeper frog eggs, and caddisfly larva in the streams. If you aren’t familiar with the caddisfly it’s a pretty fantastic bug to hunt for with kids in streams and rivers — they make a pretty impressive home from twigs and sticks. Or even gold, pearls and gem stones!

We happened on a baby vole nested under Dahlia Doodles grain bowl. It’s Spring and baby animals are everywhere!

On the way home from a woods walk we always have to teeter across the tippy stonewall rocks especially close to barbed wire – it wouldn’t be a good hike without it!

March… straight to the lake

March 23rd, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Skate Date

March 12th, 2012 by zoe 1 Comment

Nothing is sweeter to a mom of multiples than a special day with one child.

He colored patiently through my dance rehearsal. So a little ice cream and skate park trip were in order.

I was a little unprepared for how COMPLETELY GNARLY the skate park would be – 40 teenage boys warming every which way on wheels, lots and lots of wheels.

I was content to just watch but um… not Oliver. He zoomed right in there to join in. Aside from a bit of parental terror, I hugely loved that he felt that draw – he felt like he belonged in there with the  teenagers dropping into the bowl. And no one paid him any mind as he practiced his tricks, scootered up and down the ramps. 

We watched together getting to catch a glimpse of all the speed, centrifugal force, skill and determination it takes to drop in and fly back out!

It reminded me back to the days when they outlawed skateboarding in town. It was cops again kids when skaters wanted to borrow an urban curb for an hour. Fast forward 25 years, I felt pretty psyched for these kids that they have a space like this to hone skills, practice, perform and completely throw themselves into – just awesome.

Oh, and I think Oliver had a pretty good day too!

Simple Things

March 9th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

These days I havent been doing that many elaborate project with the kids. Why? Because they come up with projects, imagine,and complete them all on their own. I think it has something to do with the years I spent painting, glueing and doodling with them and partially to the fact that they have this space to be creative whenever they darn well please. So for right now I am embracing other things as we start the slow drip into Spring.

Keeping my spirits uplifted is priority one. Sunshine really is my favorite. Too many gray days and I feel like a zombie has had my thinking parts for lunch. I take this image on the authority of a 7-year-old friend who gave me a “History Lesson” which informed me that “Zombies eat brains“. I really need history lessons on such things, thank you Willow for your expertise.

So, for now I am not dwelling on the projects I keep dreaming of but I am not actually DOING. For now I am focusing on the little things that make me happy.

Like kids sitting down all by themselves and drawing cool stuff.

Like the major face painter in the family who needs to channel Spider-Man for at least one hour of each day.

Like bright and festive fish taco’s that remind me of the ocean.

Like hanging the results of my tie dye curtain project – so fun!

Inspired by this tutorial.

Like chasing my boys down the mountain on these slushy warm spring days and nights!

Like my new bedside motto – which makes me feel motivated and makes me laugh at the same time.

Practicing a good uppercut just in case those zombies ever do come to town!

March Snow

March 2nd, 2012 by zoe No Comments

We got a big white blast of winter. White flakes fell from the sky throughout Leap Day and straight into March. Snow day! Many folks had eased into Spring already and found the storm to be an aggravation. I couldn’t help but rejoice in the foot of fluffy powder that insulated the woods, hung from the branches of every tree, piled high, and camouflaged the signs of man. Whole cars disappeared under drifts of snow and all that was left in the landscape was the beauty of nature. There is a calm and quiet excitement that comes with a big storm – a feeling of wonder.

That and pile’s of wet mittens, boots and snowpants!



Up here in these here hills March IS Winter and you know what – we kinda like it that way!

Snippets of Fun

February 24th, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

These are some of the little things that are making me happy right now, making me laugh – tidbits of joy.

Sweet little gifts sprouting. Making me wonder, what will these wee little plants do next?

Skiing with my little boys all the way down the mountain – woot woot!

Finally getting a little stitching done. Oh so fun to hang this sweet little banner in the boy’s room, it’s only been on my to do list for um….. 3 years!

Loving this new little print from Elsita.

Laughing at the things I am hanging in their room vrs. the things the boys are hanging in their room!

Having fun dipping the old curtains blue.

Finding ways to make the most of what little snow is hanging around in our first ever winterless winter.

The tricky part of cow field snowboarding? Not wiping out in the thawing cow pies!