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Halloween Redux

November 4th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

I know  Halloween is old news but here in New England we got such a damaging snowstorm in many communities —- cover the ears of your small ones — Halloween was …CANCELLED!! Downed electrical lines all over the place just didn’t make for safe Trick or Treating.

So Halloween is being rescheduled well into November.

In our little hamlet we were lucky (if you call trick or treating in 2 feet of snow lucky) and actually got to run through town shivering and begging for candy on the 31st.

This year I made three fake fur animals hats – Skunk, Dog and Unicorn. I hate sewing fake fur but the hats were actually pretty fun to make and read pretty well in the cold darkness of the evening. Stinky skunk had great fun spraying everyone with his giant tail bobbing up and down as he ran from door to door.

Bat Dog was a little under the weather and lost his voice telling everyone “I’m not BAT Man, I’m BAT DOG, see I have a tail”.  Bat Dog opted out of his dog hat and went for his favorite Bat Man mask at the last-minute.

Note to self – don’t get too attached!! But, man did he look cute in the dog hat!!

Oliver thought we should put all the candy in a pinata and have a party – I thought that was a good one to remember for next year. Emmett had the idea that we should eat it all in one night!!

A Game of Silly Stories

September 3rd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

My boys are 4 (and a half) now and their play has changed dramatically. They now live in that grand imaginary phase where creativity and pretend play are king. It’s fascinating to hear them talk to one another while they verbally cooperate and map out the rules of stories and games. Everything is bright and wildly magic – I simply love this age. Sometimes they get so caught up in what is imagined they have trouble telling a story that isn’t half fabricated by their wishes and dreams.

I started to play a game with them to make light of this. I  try to acknowledge that the story isn’t entirely TRUE while still finding a place for it in our day without crushing the momentum of their great visions of how the world COULD be. I simply begin telling a story that is even more wild and unlikely.

For instance I might say  – “Oh yeah, well last week while I was gardening on the moon I saw …..”

Then I invite whomever else is present to take a turn telling a wild tale. We all volley back and forth telling larger and larger tales. We also laugh and laugh – the kids just love it.

Four is the age of silly – silly rules and silly reigns and silly really gets things done! When in doubt get silly and you will see —–

grumpy, loud and mad get behavior that is mostly bad but silly oddly enough gets things done.


“Don’t you dare put your shoes on little boys because there is a family of bears living in there”

“Ahhhhh… don’t do it!”

“Oh dear, those poor bears will have to find a new home!”

“You are awfully fast at getting your shoes on these days!”

Now you too must imagine.

Imagine that this post has a lovely painting of a family of bears living in a shoe, not because I cant figure out how to use my new computer but because a family of bears has borrowed it for the weekend and …  imagination is good for us ALL!


Magic Inventions

August 5th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

My mind likes to think of inventions. Sometimes they are practical ideas for simple things and sometimes they are wholly improbable, but amusing none the less. For instance today I was wishing I could invent a ….

CLEAN HOUSE RETENTION FORCE FIELD - You know how it is, you clean the house and it only lasts…. um…. 15 MINUTES! If you install THE CLEAN HOUSE RETENTION FORCE FIELD it will guarantee a clean house will last at least 48 hours. Amaze-ZING!

The RELAXA-BUCKLE-UP-ORAMA would be another fabulous invention. This lovely contraption would freeze time as children dilly dally while getting into the car. Rather than grinding their teeth or shouting adults would be frozen in a calm and dreamy state while children…ever so slowly….complete the task of GETTING IN THEIR @#$%^! SEATS!

The other day the kids were asking me how some very complicated technologies worked. I had to tell them, I didn’t know! We would have to learn about them together.

It got me thinking about two inventors, Albert Einstein and Philo T. Farnsworth.  I told them what I remembered about the story of Philo T. Farnsworth as he was depicted series The American Experience, Big Dream, Small Screen. Have you heard of him, heard his story??

As a boy, of 14, he was struck by the patterns in the soil made by the disk harrow. It gave him the glimmer of an idea that he followed through his life to eventually invent television. The boys were wild about the idea that a kid could be an inventor. I am wild about the idea that a boy could show so much focus, determination, persistence and follow through. Qualities any mother would hold in high esteem!

When you start each day with children who ask lots of questions you never know where you will wind up! Society has a lot to say about what you should teach children and sometimes it’s easy to get all tangled up in it. But hell, if they want to learn about electrical engineering but are not the least interested by what letter comes after C in the alphabet I sure as heck will do my best to oblige. I will leave that pile of dishes in the sink and hope that we can invent my clean house force field SOON,it would make a lovely birthday gift!

I have no illusions that they will be great minds. I simply hope they find the discovery of new knowledge to be as cool as I do. I hope they never give up being curious about life.

Albert Einstein held firm in the belief that knowledge and imagination together create true genius. When in doubt just go with Einstein!

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
- Albert Einstein

A bit of a downplay on your brainpower there Albert, but, I love the passionately curious part!






Asking a 1,800 Pound Bull Pretty Please

August 2nd, 2011 by zoe 1 Comment

This is Thor. He weighs about 1,800 pounds, loves grass and flowers.  He comes to visit sometimes and hangs outs out with the girls, eating, pooping and procreating.

When his Dad comes to get him, he just doesn’t want to go home, he is still having fun playing with his friends. He stomps his feet a bit, then he gets distracted by the tall grass, flowers and toys in the yard. He thinks he would rather go back and play with his friends, he doesn’t want to listen to Dad.

His Dad knows, you just cant push him around, you gotta get him to think getting in the car was HIS idea. Maybe you let him play a little longer, pay him no mind. Next you bribe him with a tasty treat. “Come on Thor it’s time to go home – if you get into the car, all by yourself, I will give you a gobble of grain”.  Then as a last resort you invite his friends to have the tasty treat in the trailer instead  — because if his friends want it, that will REALLY make HIM want it.

If you are an 1,800 pound bull you certainly DON’T share your treats!

These are the girls – they love grain too.

Watching the big bull dilly dally and protest I started thinking -

getting an 1,800 pound bull into the trailer is kind of like herding children into the car!

Teaching Kids To Be Good Listeners

July 28th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

It’s interesting, there is a lot of focus on teaching babies to be verbal and communicate their needs. Yes, it is  amazing when they look up at you with starry eyes and bubble the word LOVE for the first time. And it’s beyond great when your toddler can tell you “I have to throw up”, and you can rush them to the loo avoiding a catastrophic pukey puddle in the middle of Grandmas rug!   Verbal skills are grand, don’t get me wrong.

But, lately I have been thinking about all the other senses that often get overlooked in our efforts to teach children to be champion communicators. That’s great that they are excellent TALKERS l but what about teaching children to be good LISTENers! I have been thinking about how to create a listening awareness in my boys & help them to understand that listening is JUST as important as talking. Heck, I think I even need a refresher on that one.  Here is a little project we did to learn about animals who have super powered hearing and how they use their ears to do awesome things. We made Bat ears and a coloring sheet with some cool animal hearing facts!

Click photo, save to file and print. For the best size image allow your computer to sale to best fit the page.


{This Moment} Two Wheeler Love

July 1st, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

{this moment} inspired by soulemama. A single image of the week to savor and remember.