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The Colors of Fall

November 22nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Walking in the big woods with our new companions – the textures and colors of fall.

Make a Braided Rag Rug!

November 14th, 2011 by zoe 34 Comments

My love of old T-shirts just keeps on growing!

See this stack of old T-shirts – they are going to become a fabulous rainbow rug!

Begin by collecting a colorful pile of old t-shirts. To make a 36″ round rug you will need about 10 to 12 shirts.

Cut the shirts into lots of strips, I made mine  1 1/2″ wide and that seemed to work great. You will now braid your strips together to make one single extremely long braided rope.To begin, take three t-shirt strips and sew them together at one end. Start braiding!

I used a curtain rod clip to hook one end of my braid to a chair to provide tension while braiding. A clothes pin is also helpful for holding your braid tight. As you come to the end of your first length of strips you will need to add more length. Connect strips together to add more length – cut a small slit in the ends of all your strips. Thread new strip through the hole, loop it’s end through on its self and pull tight. 

You will now have extended your strip! It is important to stagger your strip extensions so that they are not all lumped in one spot on your braid.

Now you are ready to braid and braid and braid!

When you get tired of braiding it’s fun to coil your rope and see what kind of progress you are making.

When you have finished your braided rope it’s time to begin stitching.

Set your sewing machine for the widest zig-zag stitch,tightly coil your braid, stitch round and round. When stitching push the two braids together tightly with your hands, watch your stitches carefully to ensure they are connecting the seams.  Your hands will get tired from all the pushing, I found it was easier to set my adjustable chair higher to get better leverage while stitching. Try not to stretch your rope too much while stitching because it will cup like a bowl. But don’t fear a hot iron can correct the cupping. Every so often your bobbin will run out of thread, this is a good time to iron your rug flat. Set the iron to hot, start and the center and iron out toward the edges. Repeat on both sides.

This rug currently measures 34″ across and took me a day to make. I haven’t finished the ends off yet because I think I want to make it a bit bigger – I just found a pile of gray shirts that I am hoping will bring it closer to the size I was dreaming of. I will take another picture of it finished and in place next week. I just had to share it today because I was so excited stitching this together. I love the colors and weight of this rug. I am already dreaming of the next one!!

Maybe ocean colors?

Working on the Family Table

November 11th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Yes, that is a rainbow right over my studio!

Sanding, painting, stapling and elbow grease have funked up the family table. Wish I could find the true “before” shot of the table – just imagine dark 1970′s stain, a thick sticky high gloss lacquer, and a scalloped country edge.

Knowing that this table will be danced, slobbered, painted, and feasted on it’s oh so nice that it was FREE.




Cozy Your Castle

November 2nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Welcome to our castle.

We made this castle, in the boy’s room, from plywood and paint. It sits back in a nook created by the roof of our house. Sadly it always seemed a little neglected and unused. This week I decided that I would give it another go by actually furnishing it – duh!

Now that it has a curtain, soft rug, lighting, toys and CD player it is now a crazy popular place to hang out.
Come on in, that is if you can handle the music they are playing FULL blast in there!

The big favorite right now is  BeBop Your Best by Red Grammer
A really wonderful CD for kids with its marching band like sound and songs titled after virtues like truthfulness, respect, patience and fairness.

Some mornings they are happily dancing around the room listening to music in their castle at 6 am – which is actually quite adorable.


Snow & Then Some

October 30th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

We hurried & we scurried yesterday in preparation for the big October snow storm to hit. Yesterday we did our best to button things down, bring in the wood, ready the farm animals, find the garden hoses buried in the snow, dig out the toys, put away the lawn furniture, prepare for the prospect of loosing power for several days — all the boring chores of November packed into one day.

The snow came down in thick sheets, for hours and hours it piled high. The snow piled up over 2 feet high!!

Snowflakes didn’t flutter they seemed to race from the sky.  The power wavered but luckily stayed with us.

After spending most of Sunday shoveling out from under the thick blanket of snow I headed out the door for a ski. Trudge trudge trudge…. a bit to thick to call it a ski but it’s always so peaceful to be in the woods after a big storm.  The oak and ash trees have not yet lost their bright fall leaves, Winter snow piled thick into the crooks of the tree’s, and the woods rustled with sounds of Fall. So odd and wonderous to have the two season blended together.


October in New England

October 28th, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

We interrupt our regular programing to bring you -


Snow in October, well I never?

With all these weird weather patterns I can only wonder what the year might bring.

I am hoping for a day at the lake in March!!