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Make a Fun Coloring Card

June 4th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

The boys call this Peekaboo Surprise.  It’s  inspired by something my Mother made me when I was four or five, she sent it in the mail and arrived marked “from a secret admirer”!!  I remember there was a nickel taped behind one door, and a sun drawn under another.  Just about the coolest thing a kid could ever get in the mail!  These we are using for a Father’s Day card with our Happy Gift Coins tucked behind the doors.

Click on photo, save to file and print.

To make your Peekaboo Surprise Card cut out doors and glue a solid sheet of paper to back.  Cut and color images, glue behind each door.  We used a colored card stock but any paper will be fun fun fun!!

Make Father’s Day Gift Coins

June 2nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right gift, sometimes you just forgot, and sometimes favors are the very best thing!

For all those reasons and more I made these Father’s Day gift coins – I offered up a few of the favorites at our house, but you can add your own too.

Click on image, save to file and print.

Make Cute Bean Bags

May 15th, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

Little Bird Bean Bags are whipped together with the wool from a shrunken sweater and scraps of craft felt.  If you have patient child you could work on it together.  I made them with a cosmo, and an episode of Treme’ after the kids were asleep!  Something about them really appeals to kids.  When my boys were little it was hard to come up with games that toddlers could play or relate to.  One game they loved to play we called baby bird – we would create a nest with a blanket and they would chirp and ask for worms – these little birds are just waiting to be snuggled in a nest. Just waiting to be tossed in the air or juggled!  They also work as pattern weights – super fun to line up on the window sill in the sewing room or stitch up for a friend.