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Wavehill, a day of bliss

May 12th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Sometimes there are those perfect days where you can visit special places, really feel quiet moments, hear the calm in your head, breath deeper, and soak beauty right down to your bones. Everyone has those special places they like to visit where they can step out of the norm, refuel their fires, and generate creativity.  Before I had children I was able to hop a plane and leap into new worlds on a whim – not anymore.  Now I must find special places closer to home,  short weekend trips to local cities, an afternoon antiqueing with a friend, a walk through an epic garden or a quick gallery stop.

I have always loved beautiful old estates with ritzy gardens and when in New York visiting my sister in the Bronx I love to go to Wave Hill.

A gorgeous 28 acres with far off views of Manhattan, Wave Hill sits high on a shelf above the Hudson River.  Visitors  freely stroll the grounds, taking in the manicured public gardens,  greenhouse, art gallery, 100-year-old wisteria dripping over pillared stone walls and patio coffee shops. What’s not to love!

Today I am still dreaming my yard looks like this ….  instead of the plastic toy, yard sale explosion it really is – back to reality and getting crafty with the kids tomorrow.




A Good Romp in the Woods

May 4th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Things are slowly starting to green and unfurl. Bits of color are sparking here and there but overall we have yet to reach the full flush of spring up here in the mountains. In these parts skunk cabbage and fiddle heads are the first to announces themselves, signaling the warmer weather ahead.  But looking out over the garden gate it’s still hard to believe, come July, the hillside will be covered in tasty wild blueberries.  Out beyond that blue fence past our blueberry hill lies the big woods.  Those woods are our summer playground.  Where we walk, muck about in the stream, bike, and  – make fairy houses.

I think these little elves are on their way to our wee woodland house right now. I hope they enjoy the fiddle heads we left for them.

A whopper day at the park

April 18th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

The weather got warm for ONE heavenly day.  We spent 4 plus hours of that day at the park enjoying every bit of the sun we could.  We climbed the the stairs to the top of the slide many many times, rode bikes with and without pedals, pumped our legs furiously on the swings reaching for the clouds, hid and found Easter eggs, ran the bases in an imaginary ball game and got 50 cent ice cream cones at the hardware store.  Wow – now that’s a day.