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Making Woodsy Wreaths

December 6th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

On Sunday we went for a family walk. We gathered a big bag of Princess Pine from the forest floor. The children ran here and there excited to find a new patch, plucking it up and adding it to their bags.

Yesterday I used the metal hoops salvaged from a broken old lampshade and some thin wire to make a hand wrapped holiday wreath.

We bathed some pinecones in glitter too but they are still drying!

I think it came out swell and I love that we were able to gather it from our back yard!

Making Masks

October 24th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

Halloween is just a week away!

I spent a morning at preschool making and decorating animal masks with 20 plus children. I cut the shapes below from recycled cardboard the night before and the kids painted, glued and glittered to their heart’s content. I somehow got a teensy bit busy and didn’t manage to snap any pictures of the wee artist mayhem. The theme was animal masks and I had several different shapes for the children to choose from. Secretly I am hoping the masks will inspire homemade Halloween costumes that aren’t princess and super hero based… doubtful, I know.  We make and decorate cardboard masks a lot around here and I am sometimes shocked by their popularity and longevity. I’d call it good clean fun but as you can see from the glitterfest below we didn’t quite hit the clean mark on this latest decorating project!!

Here are the patterns I made for 3D masks.

With these four templates you can make owls, cats, tigers, bears, dogs and butterflies.

Print pattern pieces and cut desired shapes out of cardboard.

Tape the nose  V shape together to get your masks to pop out.

Punch out holes and thread with elastic.

Decorate and have lots of FUN!!!

Click mask templates and save to file, print and use as a guide to make your own animal masks from cardboard.



Art is Good For You!

October 17th, 2011 by zoe 5 Comments

In case you didnt know this already – art is good for you!

It doesnt have to be grand and intense, it doesnt have to be expensive and out of reach. Sometimes it’s hung with just a bit of yarn and some clothes pins. Oh and this great site  Feed Your Soul , where they share a new work of art that you can print for FREE each week!

I am enjoying my new desk even more now that I have some new art work hanging around to make me smile. With just a few tacks and a string of yarn I have a spot to display the watercolor and glitter creations my kids are making these days.

Oh, and if you are 4 and three quarters art is always better with glitter. Glitter makes the world sparkly around here. And though sometimes it seems crazy messy, glue and glitter occupy my son Emmett for hours on end. He is now such a glitter pro that he has a preference for this glitter by Martha. In fact, this very morning he headed down to his art table and started “working” on a glitter masterpiece before I even rolled out of bed!  So when the glitter is getting “sprinkled” and I start to shutter at the thought of glitter seeping into every nook of our lives I try to remind myself that that’s what vacuums are for. Hours of happy glitter play really only takes a few minutes to hoover up!!

Story Blocks & Stones

October 13th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

These past weeks have been hectic and exhausting but now …. with some rest and relaxation I am feeling the happy groove of fall. My craft fair was a sparkly success, thanks to all those who came out and bought ALL my wares.

Ah… now I can relax by the fire, enjoy the fall colors and party under the big full moon.

Now I can get back to fun little projects with my boys!  We cut down a few small trees to make some natural log blocks. All I did is cut slices of wood and sand the edges. I have read here and there that a bit of bee’s wax makes for a nice finishing touch.

With all our gathered stones and the fabric scraps on the studio floor we made some story stones following the tutorial over at Red Bird Crafts.Then, we mixed it all up and made story blocks too.

With a handful of stones or wood slices you can easily make these too!

Simply cut little fabric or paper scraps into shapes.
With a brush coat your rock or wood slice in a layer of goop. Lay your story inspiration image,on and brush with another layer of goop.  You can use the real deal Mod Podge or make your own goop by mixing one part Elmers glue to one part water.After your story blocks and stones dry gather some folks together and tell  tales of the fox and snake on their way to get ice cream cones.

With the cozy indoor days ahead we are planning to make lots of story blocks and stones – nothing is quite as fun as building stories.

Make Your Own Twig Books

October 6th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

Years ago I worked in a factory building that had been converted to artist studios. Next door to my pottery studio was the studio of a world-class bookbinder. The bookbinder had a recycling bin outsider her space that was filled with scraps of the finest paper in the world. I collected stacks and stacks of paper and artwork from that bin — oh my!  My stacks have grown thin but last week I got out these small strips and the kids watercolored an adventure. After their little paintings dried and we turned them into stick books. Their stories were very interesting and the little books feel so substantial and arty made from such fine paper!

We got the idea for these sweet little twig books here. You simply take a hole punch to the folded edges and loop a rubber band through onto your stick ends. They make for great journals plus collecting the sticks makes for a good adventure too!


A Life in the Circus

September 16th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I am so very busy in this fast and furious season of Fall. In an effort to ward off complete panic I keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself to focus, reminding myself that it WILL all get done. And yes – things are slowly being crossed off lists, and yes – the studio sewing work IS getting stitched together.

Leather wallets, hand stitched T-shirt baby wear, polka dot dolls and baby bird bean bags.

With all the hurry and furry of Fall some  days it feels as though I am directing a three ring circus!

To print your own Color By Number Circus Sheet click the photo, save to a file and print.