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{this moment} Thank You

May 13th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Striving, reaching, nagging, for the golden goal of raising children who say “thank you” -

sunlight streaming in, butterflies aflutter, cue the Tosca aria now.


I made these super fun “color your own” Thank You cards to share  -

Click photo, save to file,print and COLOR!

A Good Romp in the Woods

May 4th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Things are slowly starting to green and unfurl. Bits of color are sparking here and there but overall we have yet to reach the full flush of spring up here in the mountains. In these parts skunk cabbage and fiddle heads are the first to announces themselves, signaling the warmer weather ahead.  But looking out over the garden gate it’s still hard to believe, come July, the hillside will be covered in tasty wild blueberries.  Out beyond that blue fence past our blueberry hill lies the big woods.  Those woods are our summer playground.  Where we walk, muck about in the stream, bike, and  – make fairy houses.

I think these little elves are on their way to our wee woodland house right now. I hope they enjoy the fiddle heads we left for them.

Television and kids

May 2nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

In my Mommy dream world my kids never watch television.  Enter reality. Sometimes I really can’t manage two screaming kids while cooking dinner, sometimes I need to take a shower, sometimes I have spent the entire day being super mommy and I need a moment to myself.   BUT the sad reality is that there seems to be an evil backlash  – TV addiction.  Unfortunately, the little people in my house don’t watch their short snippet of TV and merrily go on their way, oh no, they want MORE and MORE of it.  My boys follow me around with an agitated soul expressing their undying need to watch MORE and MORE.  It becomes yet another battle in the day. The whiney “when can I watch TV” question comes up so frequently that I wish I had the physical and mental strength to hurl the damn television into the stratosphere.  I can imagine it now floating peacefully in space bonking against asteroids.  If only I had real super powers, I would never need to “plug the kids” in and I could be the Mother I had always imagined.  If only!

If you love/hate your television here is a coloring page for you to enjoy!

Right click,save to a file and print it for Captain Crafty coloring fun.


Yay for Printables!

May 1st, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Here in Captain Crafty Land we are drawing and coloring most days.  My twin boys are four years old and they like to play a game called “Make Mama draw it”.  Which, as you can probably imagine, involves me drawing what ever the heck they dictate (oh, and I do mean dictate) and them coloring it in. I  have found that store bought coloring books are often filled with advertising for the latest  animation film or popular television characters – bummer.  For me it’s fun to pull characters and situations together that are unique and completely noncommercial, even strange. It’s something that gets the kids to wonder and talk about.  How DID that alien and the kid in the bunny suit meet and what are their favorite ice cream flavors??? Where is her space ship, waiting for your kids to draw it in there, of course!  Captain Crafty Printables are something we would like to share with you.  Please right click the image, save to a folder and print our coloring pages for your personal use.  Please have lots of fun!