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A Life in the Circus

September 16th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I am so very busy in this fast and furious season of Fall. In an effort to ward off complete panic I keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself to focus, reminding myself that it WILL all get done. And yes – things are slowly being crossed off lists, and yes – the studio sewing work IS getting stitched together.

Leather wallets, hand stitched T-shirt baby wear, polka dot dolls and baby bird bean bags.

With all the hurry and furry of Fall some  days it feels as though I am directing a three ring circus!

To print your own Color By Number Circus Sheet click the photo, save to a file and print.

Busy in the Studio

September 11th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Here in the studio I am working on some new dolls.

It takes FOREVER to design new doll bodies —- lots and lots of patterns sketched, sewn and tossed to the side. The studio floor is littered with revisions. I try to remember to write notes on each pattern piece as I revamp it, I try to write a number on each series of the revisions too so I can keep track of it all!  I started with number 1 and now these dolls are number 7, with a few more tweaks I think number 8 might be a go.

Alas sometimes there are many days between my studio hours and I am left puzzled as to where I left off.

Sometimes the beginnings can be frustrating, but as I get closer to adorable it starts to be a lot more fun.

Boy this elf work is hard!


August 20th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

The air shifts in August. The ground starts to cool and in the mornings dew hangs onto everything.

The spider webs create such beauty. I’d like to think fairy’s have been here!

On a crafty note – I got a day last week to trace out some new patterns for hand stitched t-shirt clothing. Looking good so far! Still have to work out a few hitches but I am hoping to be able to crank out some new work for fall.

This drop waisted skirt is so cute and comfy on! And the hand stitched baby pants, need a model – I’ll have to drum up a little babe for those.

1$ Happiness!

July 4th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

On Fourth of July weekend our town hosts a big  Main Street tag sale. Yesterday, I found something I thought would be perfect for creating more organization in my studio. When I asked the price, they laughed at me – there was apparently a bet going that it would never sell.  I bought it for a $1 and spent the afternoon cleaning out the tinkering of its previous owner. That got me to thinking about the old adage …

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

So  true. The real trick is in finding the right person for the right trash!   Cleaning out the bolts and screws, carefully saving them in a jar for my tinkering projects, I got to wondering what the previous owner was fixing that required 1,000′s of tiny cotter pins??

One dollar and an afternoon of painting later – I am so happy to have this new project box in my sewing space!

Everytime I look up from my machine I feel giddy looking at my organized stitchy tinkery stuff.


Welcome to the studio

June 15th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

Welcome to my studio!  We built the barn several years ago – meaning with our hands, we built it.  Meaning my Dad patiently taught, guided, and worked like a dog to help us build it. Thank you Dad. Oh and thank you for taking a deep breath and reframing the wall to put in those 3 little windows for me – I always look out them and smile!

As is always the case with big projects – we ran out of money, my upstairs studio lay in wait.  A year ago it finally got good stuff like lights, heat, walls. A year ago it became my home away from home, my sanctuary. I still feel like I am moving in – getting things figured out, finding a groove. Slowly I am beginning to fill it with little bits that make me happy. Slowly it is beginning to feel like me.

I wont lie, it is always a mess.  In all honesty,  love it that way. I love to be able to have 5 projects laying about without having to CLEAN up.  I feel so happy to be able to have a space to lay out yards of fabric and ponder.  I would like to fill it friends – get all crafty and laughy and sew up bits of fancy.  Feel free to visit and solder a bit of silver, add some snaps to a special project, take a whirl on the serger or just have a bit of tea and cozy up on Grandma Olive’s old sofa. I promise I will clean up a bit, come visit, oh please do.

Welcome to the studio – this is where the stuff is made.


Productive Procrastination

May 24th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

Now that I am closer to forty I have learned a few things about myself.

I love to fix things, oddly I love to fix things with the wrong tools, think Macgyver (if you were old enough to remember that ridiculous show). I could use a nail file and 2 paper clips to diffuse a bomb for sure.

I love things that have “some assembly” required – honestly a good job for me would be putting together BBQ grills for Home Depot all day.

I love making lists. And I seriously love crossing things off lists.  I will make the list longer just to cross things off that have already been done.

I also love to procrastinate.  Love it, hate it, love it.  But here is where the knowing myself better comes in – I know that from that procrastination usually comes something great.  Because sometimes creating all the time can become a chore, when I get into a productive procrastination mode I usually make something that has been hanging in my head for a while.  Something totally different.  So today when I said – ZOE, TIME TO BUCKLE DOWN AND SEW UP THOSE SWEATERS!!  Somehow I just didn’t listen, instead I dug some scraps of wood out of the basement, got out my cheap acrylic paints and whipped up these little hanging tiles for the boy’s room.  I haven’t had a chance to hang them because they are sleeping.  I guess there’s always tomorrow for the sweaters. And after all, I did actually sew the pillow and fix the chairs!