Surf, Sand & Critters

For a winter adventure we drove 22 odd hours to New Smyrna Beach for a week by the sea. I had spent many a day at this beach as a child feasting on the 7&up, Pringle’s and deviled eggs my grandmother packed in our standard lunch. I was overcome with a fierce nostalgia for the sandy soil, native palms and spanish moss. Even the gaggy chlorinated tap water reminded me that I was in Florida – which to me had always been Grandparent Land.

We embraced the laid back lifestyle, warm ocean water and the raw oysters that were only $6 a dozen across the street at JB’s Fish Camp. Every morning I took the boys for an early morning walk on the beach to search for treasures, the shells were simply divine.  Manatee were swimming everywhere in the 72 degree waters at Blue Springs State Park. It was lovely.

This time around it was Kid Land and perfect it was.

January 11th, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Atmospheric Re-entry

I have been off the computer for about two weeks, a vacation from home and what not.

Things I learned …VACATION is indeed fun.

This was somewhat unclear to me as we prepared for a trip to Florida, a trip that included several family visits along the way, a trip that meant traveling in the car for multiple days with two four-year olds, a trip that meant spending every minute on said “vacation” with these same two four-year olds. But in our first ever family trip everything went smooth* and I was shocked to REALLY enjoy myself. In love with the ocean, I did not especially want to leave! Winter and I have mostly made amends but sometimes I feel like it dominates the whole year and gets way too intense. Winter you’re cool and all but I think we need to see other people.

Tomorrow I hope to have the time to throw up some photos but today, I am already late for work!!

*Now mind you, without the borrowed iPad I do believe the 20 hour car ride might have created a super screaming rocket powered explosion that might have left us broken up in the atmosphere somewhere between South and North Carolina!

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Happy New Year

We are enjoying a bit of a break from winter under a tropical sun!

January 5th, 2012 by zoe 4 Comments

Merry Wishing

These last few days of December are always a happy ping pong from one festivity to another.

Wishing you all a wonderful and cozy celebration of the longest night, the darkest day, and the brightest candles.

Wishing you all love, warmth and peace.

With frosting on top!

If only February flew so fast and so high!

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Making Custom Spoons for Grandma

I originally saw this project here and knew it was perfect handmade gift idea for the boys Momo. I ran out and got some nice wooden spoons at the cookshop the next day!

I got the boys to draw on their spoons with pencil and we traced it with a wood burner tool.

The boys have a Grandmother who lives and breaths kitchen gadgets, I once counted four waffle irons in her kitchen.

I hope she loves her custom spoons as much as I do!

December 21st, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

Kids Making Teacher Gifts

Some last-minute gifts for the teachers.

The boys hand painted terra-cotta pots for Amaryllis bulbs.

I am pretty excited to share with my children the joy of giving, which after all is kinda sorta the whole dig dang point of the holiday season.

I have a memory that on the Little House on the Prairie the children were pretty excited to simply get one of these for Christmas….

December 19th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments