Make Monster Valentines!

Today we are busy making Monster Valentines.

We are using scraps of fake fur and old sweaters to cut out monster shapes. We glue our fuzzy fabric scraps onto paper hearts and add all sorts of appendages.

The kids are really having a blast glueing on googly eyes, adding horns and big teeth! These Monster Valentines are just the perfect thing for my silly monster loving boys.

Our first Valentines Day swap is hosted by our favorite local family resource blog Hilltown Families, so fun.

We got a list of families to send homemade Valentines to, and cant wait to see what everyone sends us.


February 2nd, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Paper Hearts, We Like Um!

Okay it’s almost February. Which brings one of my favorite holidays, Valentines Day.

I love Valentines Day.

Not for its chocolates, high pressure romanticism, or gifts and such.. (and definitely not for its overpriced long stem red roses that always go limp necked and die before ever opening!).

I love it because I have forever loved to make cards, and Valentines Day is the ONE day in which EVERYONE is encouraged to give handmade cards. Now don’t let me down and buy the Star Wars and My Little Pony ones propped temptingly on the isle ends at the grocery store — DON’T DO IT.

Get out your construction paper, doilies, glue and glitter and get to work folks.


Oh and make sure to replenish the craft supplies, you can never have enough hot pink glitter!

January 30th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

Seeing Spots

We had to cancel our family ski trip. Sickness,high fevers, weird rashes and ice storms – yuck!

I always have a hard time reconciling things if I get to thinking a day is going to be special, and then it just winds up being a dud!

There is one little thing that is cheering me up today. It’s this lovley little stack of Amy Butler fabric Sun Spots from her Love Collection with a bit of Full Moon Cherry .

I am hoping this bright happy stack will help inspire me to get the last coat of paint on the bedroom walls, and back at the sewing machine. (It’s gonna need a dusting!!)

Here’s to hoping!

With a dreary day like this a bit of color goes a long way!


January 27th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

Going White

I thought I was pretty cool when I was painting this room brown. Fast forward several years and TWO coats of primer later – I am …. less than thrilled to be putting 4 coats of paint over this here BROWN room!

Caught half way through my second coat of priming in a vicious swirl of procrastination, today I WILL conquer.

Today I will paint the brown room till it is white and not watch season 2 of Downton Abbey in my pajama’s while nursing a nasty cold ….

Really, I will.


January 25th, 2012 by zoe 5 Comments

Winter Kids!

We are thick into Winter fun. My boys are real sledders now, trudging back up the big hill without complaint for the thrill of another ride. They teeter around on their ice skates,slip and fall & scramble up again all by themselves.

In one years time they have moved from being Winter babes to being Winter KIDS!

I love Winter KIDS, they put their boots and jackets on by themselves, they climb mountains of snow and roll down with glee. They troop out the door in all their Winter gear and spend hours in the white stuff without a whine.

These BIG Winter KIDS of mine sled and ski and skate and …. dig into Winter with big love. And it inspires me to do the same!

Unfortunately, Winter also brings sickness, so here’s a little coloring sheet for the quiet days!

January 23rd, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

We Like it Smokey

It has been a weekend filled with winter snow, hearty meals, cross-country skiing, music and…

black smoke catastrophes!

The first two smoke outs where kitchen blunders. A lovely set of fire singed charcoal meatballs slated for a potluck provided the whole house with a lovely aroma akin to burn hair. Only the chickens where excited about the whole thing.

Next up to bat was a lemon blueberry bread. “I think we should bake more”, where my exact words as I slid the loaf with the last of our summer blueberries into the oven.

Perhaps an oven timer is in order????

Next up, a good old fashion bedroom smoke out.

Last night it was epic cold, like 70 below zero or something. We decided sometime around midnight to make a fire in the wood stove upstairs. Unfortunately, we completely forgot that we had not lit a fire up there since putting stove polish on it last spring. Stove polish which filled the bedroom with thick black smoke that smelled nothing at all like fresh cut roses.

Black Smoke seems to be the theme song over here this weekend!!


January 15th, 2012 by zoe No Comments