Love in the Mailbox

I guess it really is true, mail has gone out of style. I miss it. Yes, I guess email is more “environmental” but I have letters from dear friends that I have kept for over a decade, I can’t say it’s very often you save an email!   I miss the idea that the journey to the mailbox would turn up treasure rather than a snack of BILLS and JUNK.  Kids  love the mailbox!  My little dudes will carry a card they received in the mail around for days, to them snail mail is pure treasure. Just today they received the sweetest love note from their little buddy.  Making and sending little cards to special friends is a great way to bring some beauty and thoughtfulness back to the mailbox.

Click image, save to file and print -

Please have fun making your own funky little Captain Crafty cards.

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Make Cute Bean Bags

Little Bird Bean Bags are whipped together with the wool from a shrunken sweater and scraps of craft felt.  If you have patient child you could work on it together.  I made them with a cosmo, and an episode of Treme’ after the kids were asleep!  Something about them really appeals to kids.  When my boys were little it was hard to come up with games that toddlers could play or relate to.  One game they loved to play we called baby bird – we would create a nest with a blanket and they would chirp and ask for worms – these little birds are just waiting to be snuggled in a nest. Just waiting to be tossed in the air or juggled!  They also work as pattern weights – super fun to line up on the window sill in the sewing room or stitch up for a friend.

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Please Invent a Sewing Machine Gym


Every movement in the rhythm of family life is fraught with the never ending quest to find the oh so needed, sometime elusive, constantly shifting balance.

Life and living with small children demands diligent and thoughtful behavior to combine the living breathing needs of all our family members with the need for personal space and growth for EVERYONE living under our little patch of sky.

Motherhood brings with it a truly amazing and earth shaking life shift that is wondrous and also undeniably daunting.  One is left after the early haze of nursing and sleeplessness to rebuild their vision of who exactly they are NOW.

Now that my boys are 4 – I can step back a small bit and look at creating balance.  I can find a bit of time to sew, draw, and get into trouble.  But there are never enough hours in a day to do all the things my head would like to design, paint and build – I dream and scheme lots.  The problem for me is that once I embark in all the artsy crafty things I need to do for my sanity – exercise often gets squeezed OUT.

And sure enough after a few weeks of crafty obsessive behavior my dear friend “muffin top” comes to town and it becomes a whole different kind of squeezing it all “in” —

Oh, to be ….  Balanced!

I sure don’t have any shoes like these but I know who I must have borrowed them from!


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{this moment} Thank You

Striving, reaching, nagging, for the golden goal of raising children who say “thank you” -

sunlight streaming in, butterflies aflutter, cue the Tosca aria now.


I made these super fun “color your own” Thank You cards to share  -

Click photo, save to file,print and COLOR!

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Wavehill, a day of bliss

Sometimes there are those perfect days where you can visit special places, really feel quiet moments, hear the calm in your head, breath deeper, and soak beauty right down to your bones. Everyone has those special places they like to visit where they can step out of the norm, refuel their fires, and generate creativity.  Before I had children I was able to hop a plane and leap into new worlds on a whim – not anymore.  Now I must find special places closer to home,  short weekend trips to local cities, an afternoon antiqueing with a friend, a walk through an epic garden or a quick gallery stop.

I have always loved beautiful old estates with ritzy gardens and when in New York visiting my sister in the Bronx I love to go to Wave Hill.

A gorgeous 28 acres with far off views of Manhattan, Wave Hill sits high on a shelf above the Hudson River.  Visitors  freely stroll the grounds, taking in the manicured public gardens,  greenhouse, art gallery, 100-year-old wisteria dripping over pillared stone walls and patio coffee shops. What’s not to love!

Today I am still dreaming my yard looks like this ….  instead of the plastic toy, yard sale explosion it really is – back to reality and getting crafty with the kids tomorrow.




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Fox Baby

Last week this little fox was hanging out at my house getting all friendly with the ladies in the hen house now you can find him over at my

Captain Crafty Shop

Check it out, bits of this and bits of that made by me.


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