A box of love

This week I sent off a gift with a special thank you note. Yes the gift was well received but the note, just a simple note of love and thanks, was apparently treasured.  I was told it went into “the box”.  “What is the box?” I asked….

The box is a special place to save  the very best notes from family, words to revisit when feeling  underappreciated or down. A keeper of sweet words to savor and ponder as children grow and hit inevitable speed bumps in their tenderness or try on less endearing qualities. The box is a safety deposit of kindness and goodness, thankfulness and love.  Little notes saved from children now grown. Kind thoughts from teenagers on their way to adulthood.  Cards and letters sent from afar exclaiming delight in the wide of the world.  All that goodness saved in “the box”.

Forever, I wish these little hands would make me bouquets of love but I know it will not always be so. On my dresser lives an old cigar box that has spent many years being filled with bits of sentiment but I do believe something larger and official is in order.  Because I surely hope there is a day when it is filled to the brim with the very best gifts any Mama could ask for – kind words from her children.

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Make a Dinosaur Shirt

I stayed up a bit late last night sewing Oliver a new dinosaur shirt. He and some friends at preschool are heavy into the “dinosaur phase” and washing his one dinosaur shirt for school each day was getting a little old! I like to keep a stash of  this high quality wool blend felt on hand for my stitching projects and when I see a good price on plain t-shirts I always buy them for making personalized party gifts. I love stitching a shirt with the birthday kids favorite animal or vehicle on it!

They whip pretty easy but half of the time is spent in making the pattern so I have included the template for this baby dinosaur below. Click pattern, save to file and print -!

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The Art Hutch

Awhile back my in laws had way too much fun at an auction.  It took place in the grassy lawn of an old Vermont Victorian and apparently there were many deals to be had because they got carried away and bought a truckload of stuff.  More furniture than they actually had room for, I was lucky enough to score my favorite piece in the bunch – this here hutch!

We store our heaps and heaps of art supplies in it. The boys and I spend many a day sitting at the dining room table coloring, painting and drawing while winter storms bellow at the door. Often times it’s hard to set a project a side when it’s time for shifting gears to eating. We needed a better spot for crafting!!   Lately I have been on a bit of a redecorating bender and decided we needed to have our very own art table – so by shifting the art hutch into a new spot we have a whole new space for projects in the house. 

With three days of cold and rain, we are already putting our new space to work!

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Dinosaur Coloring Sheet

It’s rainy and a bit cooler today, we are inside enjoying our new art table, coloring, and drawing.

Here is a baby dinosaur getting ready for bed, he has quite the stack of books for his mama to read!

Click photo, save to file and print.

Kids choose their own colors to fill in the boxes so it can be different every time.

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{This Moment} Lunch with batman

Never a dull moment.

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On The Road to Summer

Laughing in the lupin.

Hiding in the ferns.

Dancing through the woods, mosquitos following close behind.

Eyeing fields of buttercups.

Rescuing critters here and there.

Finding the need to cool off in the lake most days.


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