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One Sick Boy

November 3rd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

We are a bit feverish and illin’ around here. Oddly enough a high fever and hacking cough seems to be bringing out the charm in my sick boy. As in a 3 am bedside manner that goes something like this – “Excuse me Momma, my fever is back, can you please give me some more medicine?”

I am sure the foot stomping will resume as soon as he gets his spitfire sparkle back.

In the meantime we are snuggled on the sofa in the back room and I am reading actual NOVELS while he sleeps on my chest. Four years seemed to washed away and he is again an infant in my arms with pure sweetness. Having twins I relish these moments when there is simply one childs needs to meet – these rare moments of a calm quiet house with just one boy.

Of course – waking up from 3-5 am to  care for a sick kid makes me a total wreck but reading NOVELS all day with a droopy polite child feels like a holiday.


Cozy Your Castle

November 2nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Welcome to our castle.

We made this castle, in the boy’s room, from plywood and paint. It sits back in a nook created by the roof of our house. Sadly it always seemed a little neglected and unused. This week I decided that I would give it another go by actually furnishing it – duh!

Now that it has a curtain, soft rug, lighting, toys and CD player it is now a crazy popular place to hang out.
Come on in, that is if you can handle the music they are playing FULL blast in there!

The big favorite right now is  BeBop Your Best by Red Grammer
A really wonderful CD for kids with its marching band like sound and songs titled after virtues like truthfulness, respect, patience and fairness.

Some mornings they are happily dancing around the room listening to music in their castle at 6 am – which is actually quite adorable.


Snow & Then Some

October 30th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

We hurried & we scurried yesterday in preparation for the big October snow storm to hit. Yesterday we did our best to button things down, bring in the wood, ready the farm animals, find the garden hoses buried in the snow, dig out the toys, put away the lawn furniture, prepare for the prospect of loosing power for several days — all the boring chores of November packed into one day.

The snow came down in thick sheets, for hours and hours it piled high. The snow piled up over 2 feet high!!

Snowflakes didn’t flutter they seemed to race from the sky.  The power wavered but luckily stayed with us.

After spending most of Sunday shoveling out from under the thick blanket of snow I headed out the door for a ski. Trudge trudge trudge…. a bit to thick to call it a ski but it’s always so peaceful to be in the woods after a big storm.  The oak and ash trees have not yet lost their bright fall leaves, Winter snow piled thick into the crooks of the tree’s, and the woods rustled with sounds of Fall. So odd and wonderous to have the two season blended together.


Hand Printed Fabric Reupholster

October 27th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I have a new to me set of vintage chairs. They have a really cool green paint that I decided not to paint over but  I am working on reuphostering the seats. At first I thought oil cloth but then decided it was a bit too shiny. Plus it’s more fun to go all custom!

I took off the cushion, removed 3,000 tiny nails and used the old fabric to make a pattern. I had some preprimed canvas that I used for fabric. I like it because it’s very washable and stain resistant.

I painted the canvas with a solid color of Yolo Colorhouse Water 02 left over from painting my upstairs den. Then I set to work stenciling a pattern from this Martha Stewart Crafts arabesque stencil set. At first I tried to use a stencil brush and acrylic paint but even with a heavy dose of spray adhesive the paint kept bleeding under the stencil.

PLAN B – I started over and used spray paint with great results. In order to do the design repeat over and over I also misted some sheets of news paper with the spray adhesive to use as an easy mask off. When the fabric was fully dried I used a staple gun to fasten it tightly to the cushion.

Here’s my revamped chair in it’s new spot in the livingroom.

Love it! Now I just have 4 more chairs to go….

And as a side note – IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!

Making Masks

October 24th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

Halloween is just a week away!

I spent a morning at preschool making and decorating animal masks with 20 plus children. I cut the shapes below from recycled cardboard the night before and the kids painted, glued and glittered to their heart’s content. I somehow got a teensy bit busy and didn’t manage to snap any pictures of the wee artist mayhem. The theme was animal masks and I had several different shapes for the children to choose from. Secretly I am hoping the masks will inspire homemade Halloween costumes that aren’t princess and super hero based… doubtful, I know.  We make and decorate cardboard masks a lot around here and I am sometimes shocked by their popularity and longevity. I’d call it good clean fun but as you can see from the glitterfest below we didn’t quite hit the clean mark on this latest decorating project!!

Here are the patterns I made for 3D masks.

With these four templates you can make owls, cats, tigers, bears, dogs and butterflies.

Print pattern pieces and cut desired shapes out of cardboard.

Tape the nose  V shape together to get your masks to pop out.

Punch out holes and thread with elastic.

Decorate and have lots of FUN!!!

Click mask templates and save to file, print and use as a guide to make your own animal masks from cardboard.



Climbing Views

October 21st, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Once in a while we manage to squeeze in a warm and sunny day of rock climbing with big fall views.