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Tree Time

December 12th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I love having a fresh cut tree strung with bright lights in the house. It’s dark at 4pm these days so just about anything with cheery twinkling lights and lush greenery is top notch!

We all bundle up and  head down the road to a local tree farm. The tree farm we frequent has an interesting style, they don’t cut the whole tree down but instead top them so a new tree grows from the same trunk. It’s a maze of evergreens and quirky stumps on a steep hillside and I love to hike to the top and take in the view. In search of winter cheer we embrace all the green and light we can this time of year as we head into the cold of winter.

Making Woodsy Wreaths

December 6th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

On Sunday we went for a family walk. We gathered a big bag of Princess Pine from the forest floor. The children ran here and there excited to find a new patch, plucking it up and adding it to their bags.

Yesterday I used the metal hoops salvaged from a broken old lampshade and some thin wire to make a hand wrapped holiday wreath.

We bathed some pinecones in glitter too but they are still drying!

I think it came out swell and I love that we were able to gather it from our back yard!

Here’s to…

December 5th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Birthdays are always a good time to remind yourself of all the things you are still excited to explore, experience, share, learn and do.

It is not so much the number or age that matters but the joy of living. It’s a pretty darn good day to give thanks for the collage of atoms, genes and lineage that is YOU.

So I remind myself – embrace all the wrinkles and creaks that come with turning 29 because you only get to do it once. He he!


Sewing for Sanity

December 4th, 2011 by zoe 5 Comments

I like to keep my boy’s room pretty organized – for the sake of my sanity. Everything has a home and it can all be put back together in a super human tornado speed clean.

After dreaming about it for months I managed to make a pattern & sew up some toy storage containers. My idea was that they would fit perfectly into our cubbies.

This one was a bit big so — here is round two.

With felt cars stitched on the front because that’s where the cars go!

Thanks to Marsha for the quilted lilac polka dot fabric — circa 1982?

Make a Elf Hat

November 29th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

This sweet little elf hat is made from upcycled wool sweaters!

It’s pretty darn simple, all you need is some scraps from an old T-shirt, and a shrunken wool sweater.

First print your pattern pieces and enlarge them using the inch guide. The hat fits toddler to youth.

After cutting your fabric match hat bottom pieces and hat bottom lining pieces with right sides facing in, pin and stitch along bottom edge with a 1/4″ inseam. Unfold the stitched hat bottom piece, match the lining and wool sections with the right sides facing in pin and stitch. Turn the hat bottom piece right side out and try on, adjust sizing now. Iron bottom edge.

Top stitch bottom edge around hat bottom.

With a 1/4″ inseam stitch hat top around the curl, leaving bottom edge open. Turn the hat top right side out.

Making sure to properly line up your seams and fabric facings pin and stitch hat top to hat bottom. Turn right side out and admire your creation. I like to add polka dots!

Pop your little elf hat on the closest cutie around!

To print pattern, click photo, save to file and print. Enlarge pattern pieces to recommended size in inches.

Grow, Regress, Grow

November 27th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

Parenting children is such an interesting ….(word choice? frustrating, challenging,huge) job.

There is a desire to create a “balance” in parenting that is somehow basked in an attainable golden light. Some days are angelic, while others are a complete and utter slog. Some days fly by while others are a grind that leaves you TRYING to keep your cool till bedtime.

The little ones they test, they demand, they work their magic – which somehow seems to unravel the fabric of your being till you click your heals and wonder WHY…. did I think being a parent would be FUN!!!

As parents we help them grow, rejoice in their accomplishments and then hold onto our hats when they fritter backwards. We teach, comfort, stand firm and gently nudge. Doing our best not to go stark raving mad in the process!

We must familiarize ourselves with the constant patterns of growth and it’s less popular cousin regression.

Somehow we all missed the chapter on Regression in our fantasy pre-parenting minds. Teaching them to walk, talk, tie their shoes and bring you coffee in bed seemed to take the forefront.  In reality moving forward with new skills is the easy peesy part! The hard part is holding it all together when they decide to unlearn themselves.

The hard part is teaching yourself that the true pattern is not grow grow grow but more likely GROW, REGRESS, GROW.

And on the on those rough days my special ritual is to sneak into their rooms after they have fallen asleep. I peek in on their quiet peaceful faces.   Oh they are small, oh they are learning, & oh I love them so.

Little rascals that they are!