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March 30th, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Did I mention that I have been taking ballet? Yes, twice a week I have dance class, and I love it.

But I miss being in my studio.

I spend an hour trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL to wear to dance class, an hour in transit to dance class and an hour and a half in dance class. You wouldn’t think it ads up to much but I am pretty certain that the 7 hours I am devoting to getting, going, driving, to ballet is about how much time I have to be creative each week in total.

—- My studio has been gathering dust and my project list has gotten so long I am utterly overwhelmed.

So, today I am setting the boys up with a painting project and …. the studio is OPEN.

I am still – overwhelmed. Trying to feel a bit of quiet and think positive thoughts about getting a calm focus. Trying to feel the slow and steady progress, trying to feel all zen about the way a big old life endlessly steams onward.

On the list this Spring – a Natalie Chanin Camisole Dress. I am pretty sure this will take a million hours to stitch but in my zen peaceful watch the grass grow state of mind I will conquer! I couldn’t afford to buy the kit – I bought fabric from here and the pattern from here.

Next up…

perhaps this,

or the 300 other little projects that are frittering on the edge of my far too small brain.

Hope your projects are fulfilling and your coffee is strong!



March… straight to the lake

March 23rd, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Standing Ovation Spring

March 21st, 2012 by zoe No Comments

We are having our first ever March Spring.  Most years we are still wearing boots, skiing, and shoveling come Spring. Most years it snows in – April.

Today we are wearing shorts, listening to the peepers awaken at dusk and feeling….. a bit HOT!

Suspicious New Englanders, talk around town is all about what fall out might be awaiting us from this gift of early Spring.

Burn season will surely get cut short just as sugar season was!

Too many bugs, mosquitos, ticks, black flies, seems to be a common fear.

Fears or elation Spring is here and I myself will gladly haul the winter gear into storage and plant some peas in the garden under the warm March sun. Gladly!



Skate Date

March 12th, 2012 by zoe 1 Comment

Nothing is sweeter to a mom of multiples than a special day with one child.

He colored patiently through my dance rehearsal. So a little ice cream and skate park trip were in order.

I was a little unprepared for how COMPLETELY GNARLY the skate park would be – 40 teenage boys warming every which way on wheels, lots and lots of wheels.

I was content to just watch but um… not Oliver. He zoomed right in there to join in. Aside from a bit of parental terror, I hugely loved that he felt that draw – he felt like he belonged in there with the  teenagers dropping into the bowl. And no one paid him any mind as he practiced his tricks, scootered up and down the ramps. 

We watched together getting to catch a glimpse of all the speed, centrifugal force, skill and determination it takes to drop in and fly back out!

It reminded me back to the days when they outlawed skateboarding in town. It was cops again kids when skaters wanted to borrow an urban curb for an hour. Fast forward 25 years, I felt pretty psyched for these kids that they have a space like this to hone skills, practice, perform and completely throw themselves into – just awesome.

Oh, and I think Oliver had a pretty good day too!

Simple Things

March 9th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

These days I havent been doing that many elaborate project with the kids. Why? Because they come up with projects, imagine,and complete them all on their own. I think it has something to do with the years I spent painting, glueing and doodling with them and partially to the fact that they have this space to be creative whenever they darn well please. So for right now I am embracing other things as we start the slow drip into Spring.

Keeping my spirits uplifted is priority one. Sunshine really is my favorite. Too many gray days and I feel like a zombie has had my thinking parts for lunch. I take this image on the authority of a 7-year-old friend who gave me a “History Lesson” which informed me that “Zombies eat brains“. I really need history lessons on such things, thank you Willow for your expertise.

So, for now I am not dwelling on the projects I keep dreaming of but I am not actually DOING. For now I am focusing on the little things that make me happy.

Like kids sitting down all by themselves and drawing cool stuff.

Like the major face painter in the family who needs to channel Spider-Man for at least one hour of each day.

Like bright and festive fish taco’s that remind me of the ocean.

Like hanging the results of my tie dye curtain project – so fun!

Inspired by this tutorial.

Like chasing my boys down the mountain on these slushy warm spring days and nights!

Like my new bedside motto – which makes me feel motivated and makes me laugh at the same time.

Practicing a good uppercut just in case those zombies ever do come to town!

Winter Woods

March 4th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

A lovely day for a ski out the back door.