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Tree Time

December 12th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I love having a fresh cut tree strung with bright lights in the house. It’s dark at 4pm these days so just about anything with cheery twinkling lights and lush greenery is top notch!

We all bundle up and  head down the road to a local tree farm. The tree farm we frequent has an interesting style, they don’t cut the whole tree down but instead top them so a new tree grows from the same trunk. It’s a maze of evergreens and quirky stumps on a steep hillside and I love to hike to the top and take in the view. In search of winter cheer we embrace all the green and light we can this time of year as we head into the cold of winter.

Making Woodsy Wreaths

December 6th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

On Sunday we went for a family walk. We gathered a big bag of Princess Pine from the forest floor. The children ran here and there excited to find a new patch, plucking it up and adding it to their bags.

Yesterday I used the metal hoops salvaged from a broken old lampshade and some thin wire to make a hand wrapped holiday wreath.

We bathed some pinecones in glitter too but they are still drying!

I think it came out swell and I love that we were able to gather it from our back yard!

The Great Turkey Chase

November 24th, 2011 by zoe No Comments


This morning we woke to a fairy land, ice bounced rays of sunshine wildly across the hills. I took a deep breath of cold morning air – thankful. Always.

And then we began cooking…. In truth, I am a bit of a Thanksgiving curmudgeon. Do we ALL really have to cook the same exact meal??

Yesterday as I ran from store to store trying to procure all the traditional ingredients of the holiday I found myself laughing at the grocery cart gridlock. I watched folks chucking frozen turkeys into their carts that would take a week to defrost! Here we cooked and cooked until the wee prep cooks took up arms.

Thanksgiving economics

7 Hours of cooking,

20 minutes of eating,

2 hours clean up!!

Next year how about we just have PIE?

The Colors of Fall

November 22nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Walking in the big woods with our new companions – the textures and colors of fall.

Halloween Redux

November 4th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

I know  Halloween is old news but here in New England we got such a damaging snowstorm in many communities —- cover the ears of your small ones — Halloween was …CANCELLED!! Downed electrical lines all over the place just didn’t make for safe Trick or Treating.

So Halloween is being rescheduled well into November.

In our little hamlet we were lucky (if you call trick or treating in 2 feet of snow lucky) and actually got to run through town shivering and begging for candy on the 31st.

This year I made three fake fur animals hats – Skunk, Dog and Unicorn. I hate sewing fake fur but the hats were actually pretty fun to make and read pretty well in the cold darkness of the evening. Stinky skunk had great fun spraying everyone with his giant tail bobbing up and down as he ran from door to door.

Bat Dog was a little under the weather and lost his voice telling everyone “I’m not BAT Man, I’m BAT DOG, see I have a tail”.  Bat Dog opted out of his dog hat and went for his favorite Bat Man mask at the last-minute.

Note to self – don’t get too attached!! But, man did he look cute in the dog hat!!

Oliver thought we should put all the candy in a pinata and have a party – I thought that was a good one to remember for next year. Emmett had the idea that we should eat it all in one night!!

One Sick Boy

November 3rd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

We are a bit feverish and illin’ around here. Oddly enough a high fever and hacking cough seems to be bringing out the charm in my sick boy. As in a 3 am bedside manner that goes something like this – “Excuse me Momma, my fever is back, can you please give me some more medicine?”

I am sure the foot stomping will resume as soon as he gets his spitfire sparkle back.

In the meantime we are snuggled on the sofa in the back room and I am reading actual NOVELS while he sleeps on my chest. Four years seemed to washed away and he is again an infant in my arms with pure sweetness. Having twins I relish these moments when there is simply one childs needs to meet – these rare moments of a calm quiet house with just one boy.

Of course – waking up from 3-5 am to  care for a sick kid makes me a total wreck but reading NOVELS all day with a droopy polite child feels like a holiday.