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Bug Party Coloring Sheet

July 12th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Click coloring sheet, save to file, and print.

I wonder what kind of cake that is!

Woodworking With Kids

July 11th, 2011 by zoe 1 Comment

Kids love doing wood working projects. They don’t have to be complicated or sophisticated to give children a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Just the opportunity to use real tools always gets my children very focused and engaged – I love that!

We have been having a lot of fun with peg people lately. They are great for imaginative play and are the perfect size to fit into most of the toys we already own! Wooden peg dolls can be found at most craft stores (look for them in the unpainted wood section). This shop  Clickity Clack carries a quite a large variety and an impressive assortment of other neat unpainted natural toys.

With some scraps of wood and a few nails we made floating motorboats for our little friends.  I will share the pattern but you could use most any shape of wood and have lots of fun. Any cast off chunk of wood with holes drilled into it could turn into something fun for peg people – a car, plane, or submarine perhaps!

We traced our boat pattern on two 1″ thick pieces of wood scrap. Next we cut out two boat shapes – we used a chop saw but many tools could accomplish this job. I then drilled 1″ holes that would fit my peg dolls completely through only ONE of the boat shapes. We used roofing nails to hammer the two pieces together because their big flat heads make an easy target for young children. I give my boys a ball peen hammer to finish the nailing job because it’s a bit lighter and easier for them to handle. We got out some acrylic paints and decorated them with color. Next we trooped off to the stream and set them afloat. And float they did, our peg people are quite the boaters. Next time we will have to try adding a mast and sewn sails.

Click photo, save to file and print.

Humpty Dumpty Pin Cushion

July 5th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

I am pretty sure that every time I sew I scatter pins everywhere. For this, I refuse to apologize. If you live with me there will be strings of thread clinging to your sweaters, sticking to rugs and furniture, scraps of fabric trimmed onto the floor, and yes sharp pins left here and there. I am no great seamstress but I have always sewed. Since I was ummmm…. 11 or 12 I have always sewed. I have sewn in the cramped corners of my rented rooms in several states, lugging my mothers old avocado green Singer here and there. Sometimes with no table or chair, there on the floor, I sewed. I don’t know why but sewing is a bit of who I am.

I have never owned a pin cushion. Sometimes when I am stitching at night, sitting on the sofa, I use the arm of the couch for my pin cushion. Last week  my son Emmett found a pin and told me leaving sharp pins in the sofa was not safe, he wagged his little pointer finger at me,  his sweet brow all furrowed and serious. I loved that moment of being the irresponsible one, but he too will have to get use to living with me.

Late the other night, near midnight, I was struck by the idea that I NEEDED to sew a Humpty Dumpty pin cushion for myself. It was so late,  I have absolutely no idea why Humty Dumpty – none!  But I started drawing a pattern and began stitching and this is what evolved.  Quite cute right? I didn’t realize until after taking the pictures that Humpty Dumpty needed arms, so I had to sew those the next day !

Oh and after spilling ALL the pins on the floor in my studio this weekend I realized the Grundtal magnetic knife bar from IKEA makes for the perfect “magic pin wand” for my studio! I happen to have one just sitting in my basement, I hung it on my pegboard next to my rulers for easy pin clean up – ! So I guess maybe I can get a little better at cleaning up after my sewing but no big promises Emmett.

Hanging Children’s Artwork

June 28th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

The kids have piles and piles of cute little drawing they have done for me that I really do love.  The question always is, WHAT THE HECK to do with it all.

The other night while I should have been sleeping I had this idea and here it is …..

I just sewed strips of fabric onto the tops of the pictures and threaded them with dowel rods and sticks with the bark peeled of. I then strung them up with an assortment of ribbon, rick rack and fabric.  Getting a little carried away I also stacked some colorful flowers cut from felt onto the tacks!

I can see reusing the wooden hangers and easily swapping out the artwork by simply sewing new strips of fabric to the top. Slide on new art work and you have an easy way to display the kids paintings.  I bought these old sheet music scores from the 20′s at a tag sale and couldn’t really get myself to frame them  – now they look kind of fun hanging with the boys drawings.

Make a Magic Paintbrush

June 26th, 2011 by zoe 11 Comments

I cleaned out my basement this week – AMAZING!

Lot’s of stuff went to the dump but I got this idea for recycling the  crusty old paint brushes into something fun.


Something is Eating My Carrots – Coloring Page

June 22nd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Please little critters save some vegetables for the rest of us!

Click coloring page,save to file, print & have fun coloring your own vegetable patch squabble.