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Make Marker Cap Finger Puppets

August 13th, 2011 by zoe 8 Comments

Down at the bottom of the art bin we found some old dried up markers. I love creating craft projects and toys from garbage, packaging and containers that would normally go straight to the dump.

These little finger puppet people were made from old dried up marker caps, some yarn, masking tape and glue. Somehow those markers are always getting separated from their caps and drying out!  The boys really like to wiggle their fingers and get their hair flapping, making it pretty hard to photograph!

It’s also pretty fun to start with really long hair and give them hair dews and haircuts!

We used the colored masking tape that we used in this project awhile back but plain old masking tape is just as fun. Oh, and yes, I did hide that fancy pretty washi tape and now can NOT remember where I put it!

To print and save this project for later, click project sheet, save to file and print.

We are working on another variation of this that we cant wait to share next week!


Goods Friends Coloring Sheets

August 12th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

We are learning a lot about being kind and gentle friends.

Big friends helping little friends…

Loving one another….

Sharing with one another!

To print your own Happy Friends coloring sheets click picture, save to file and print.

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Make Kids Berry Baskets

August 6th, 2011 by zoe 2 Comments

As a child I always loved the story Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. I fancied myself as Sal.

Out past the blue gate we have quite a large patch of wild blueberries, high bush and low bush berries grow all over the hillside. Some years the harvest is large and we can freeze enough to eat our very own berries through the winter. This year has been slim but the boys love to take a break from playing and pick a snack right out of the yard.

Yesterday as we headed out to the pasture I was looking for containers for my little guys to collect berries in and I got this quick idea.

It a hands free berry basket made from an orange juice container with a belt made from some braided strips of old t-shirts. Off we went berry picking. Kerplink, kerplunk, kerplop went the berries into their little baskets. Gobble gobble went those berries into their little mouths. And sure enough they clambered up to my basket and tried to scoop them all up. In fact every time I looked over at Oliver he was shoving piles into him mouth – yum!

Pretty simple, we cut the containers with a high back and used a hole punch to make holes to thread our braided rope through. We punched some holes and added a rubber band so we could fold the top over and secure it shut. The boys were pretty happy to be able to use both hands to pick and we spent A LOT more time out in the field because they were tickled by their “berry belts”. Luckily there were no bears to get all mixed up with!

Make a Hen Lacing Toy

July 31st, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

Summer is whizzing by and our new chicks have grown up fast! We are lucky to have a separate spot in the hen-house for baby chicks.

Chicken wire separates the two areas so the big birds and little birds can slowly get to know each other.  When they grow big enough to venture into the territory of the Big Bossy Hens we put a “small chick” sized door in the chicken wire. The little hens can come out into the main coop but they can also run back into the nursery and hide from the squawking hens.

Watching them figure it out can be quite comical, but that’s life, the young girls and the old girls just gotta learn to work it out!

Maybe one of those big hens will take the little chicks under her wing!

To make your own Hen Lacing Toy click the photo, save to file, then print.

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Teaching Kids To Be Good Listeners

July 28th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

It’s interesting, there is a lot of focus on teaching babies to be verbal and communicate their needs. Yes, it is  amazing when they look up at you with starry eyes and bubble the word LOVE for the first time. And it’s beyond great when your toddler can tell you “I have to throw up”, and you can rush them to the loo avoiding a catastrophic pukey puddle in the middle of Grandmas rug!   Verbal skills are grand, don’t get me wrong.

But, lately I have been thinking about all the other senses that often get overlooked in our efforts to teach children to be champion communicators. That’s great that they are excellent TALKERS l but what about teaching children to be good LISTENers! I have been thinking about how to create a listening awareness in my boys & help them to understand that listening is JUST as important as talking. Heck, I think I even need a refresher on that one.  Here is a little project we did to learn about animals who have super powered hearing and how they use their ears to do awesome things. We made Bat ears and a coloring sheet with some cool animal hearing facts!

Click photo, save to file and print. For the best size image allow your computer to sale to best fit the page.


Make a Paper Nesting Toy

July 20th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

We are having a lot of fun playing with this stacking toy we made. The boys have come up with some theories about the story.

Emmett thinks it might not have been Goldilocks fault that baby bears chair broke, “it was probably an antique”. Ha Ha! Oliver thinks the three bears would have shared but Goldilocks forgot to say please and ask nicely. Love it!

To make your own stacking toy click the photo’s, save to file, and print. To get the best size image allow your computer to scale to best fit the page.