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June 7th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

When left alone for any length of time I tend to get myself into some rather large projects.  I think it’s the mischief factor.  I guess you never really out grow mischief.  Both my boys are delightfully curious and can get themselves into mad amounts of trouble if given the inclination and opportunity. One child in particular is a world-class scholar in this area!  The mess below was accomplished by a child who was apparently NOT asleep in his bed. For some reason the larger the disaster the easier it is to laugh about it – the novelty of knowing I can tell the story for years to come seems to pull me out of the initial reaction of frustration. I always think if the man with the yellow hat can put up with Curious George then I should be able to handle this!  Oh and if you wanted to make this “stew” at home you would need 2 cups of talcum powder, shampoo, face cream, a heap of clothes and dash of Ugg boots.

These days the kind of mischief I seem to prefer are feats of strength and stamina – in other words, I redecorate the house into the wee hours of the morning and rearrange furniture that is ridiculously heavy and potentially dangerous.  In these endeavors I have a new partner in crime – ECCO PAINTS!!  It is crazy cool to be able to paint without the toxins and the smells, there are just so many more projects you can accomplish when you don’t have to worry about poisoning your sleeping family.

After an obsession with the green in Soulemama’s new library room I painted the rooms in my latest remodel project with Yolo Colorhouse Paints.  LOVE that green.

And just last night I repainted my bathroom a pale blue —  a rather good kind of late night mischief.There is a giant armoire that I have been eyeing with the hopes of moving across the house but  if I were trapped under a 500 pound hutch the children would most likely use what is left of my Dr. Hauschka eye cream to moisturizer the chickens!



(This Moment) Free To Roam

May 27th, 2011 by zoe 9 Comments

Inspired by soulemama to look back at the week and pause at the growing, romping, jumping, free spirits that they are.