About Zoe

Zoe M. Johnson was raised on an organic farm in Western Massachusetts where her family grew and harvested acres of flowers every summer. Fields of sunflowers beamed yellow alongside spiky rows of zinnia and the purple haze of sea lavender – color was everywhere. As a child she worked alongside her parents harvesting and assembling the fresh blooms into bouquets. Working with the beauty of nature at such a young age developed in her a heightened aesthetic for design. As a child Zoe made patterns and sewed her own clothes, drew quirky characters on the walls of her room, bound little books with her handmade marbled paper, and studied classical ballet for hours every day. She quite simply was always designing and making something, a force that propels her to this day. Over the last 15 years she has worked for a smattering of successful potters including Frank Willett, Louisa Baldinger, Michael Cohen, and Jane Hillman of White Dog Pottery, helping them to produce and design their work.  Inspired by her love of color  Zoe also created a line of sterling silver and resin jewelry that sold to art galleries across the country.

Zoe now lives with her precocious children and her adventuring husband on 50 acres high in the hills of the Berkshires.  When she’s not chasing the chickens out of the vegetable patch, remodeling her home, or cooking up a round of mac & cheese for the small ones she is happily out in her studio drawing, painting, sewing, or soldering. Zoe is always busy designing and hand making one fabulous work or another.