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September 20th, 2012 by zoe 2 Comments

Do you have have any little tricks that make you feel like you accomplished a ton in a really short amount of time. You know the little things that made you feel all rock star with like zero effort? Dropping off 5 trash bags of clothes at the Salvation Army for instance makes me feel like doing a back flip and only takes a few minutes.

After a couple years of backlog I finally ordered REAL PRINTED photos!! As in tangible objects I can hold in my hands and flip through longingly perusing my children’s sticky fingered little moments. And man did it feel good! I felt like super mom looking through at all the 3.5 million photo’s.

Time spent, 15 minutes

Payback, HUGE - It felt like a truckload of love came to the freekin door.

Oh, and I actually rather like untraditional type photographs of families and children. Shots where you see more or less than the standard smiling show of perfection, maybe even just a mood. Sometimes I worry that with the ease of digital cameras we might loose the very pictures that in time would facinate us the most. The shot above was our last day of Summer swimming at the town beach, we thought all our friends would be there but instead it was pretty quiet, we kept talking about how it was a “good-bye to Summer day”. It really felt like the end of a great Summer.


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  1. Emily says:

    I totally get what you mean about the photos that might be lost in the digital age. My mom was always so good about printing up pictures and the ones that I love looking at are the huge panned out pictures that have a million people in them and show the mess of daily life. How often I wait to post pictures on my blog that show a certain “type” of feel I’m going for….thanks for the reminder!

    • zoe says:

      YES!!!! My new thing is to try and capture the quirky faces the kids make, they might not be the classic kodak moments but they totally capture the memories of who they are at each age!

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