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August 18th, 2012 by zoe 3 Comments

Have you seen all the tiny house inspiration going on out there?

All Spring I found myself ogling at projects like this and this.

You see, our very own tiny  guest house was in need of a major redo. There was much work to do, which requires inspiration, HELLO  pinterest.

Visual eye candy can literally spring me from the couch into action – tearing down paneling and insulation with lots-a mouse poop in the heat of July kind of action!

Of course having my Dad schedule a three-week visit provided a certain amount of um….. motivation too.

Our house at 1,500 square feet works for the four of us but with guests it can get tight. Plus, guests like to sleep late and take naps. The children are usually so excited to have guests they wake in the wee hours of the morning to jump on sleeping visitors faces with pure love (far too much love for 5 am, love)!

The solution for us, turn garden shed into Tiny Guest House.

I am so tickled with how the project turned out!

I love reading to the boys out there in the afternoons. Something about being in a little Summer Garden House makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful.

And it’s cool to have my painted upholstered chair out there too.



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  1. saya says:

    Hi,I’m Saya from Japan.
    I love your tiny guest house,and would like to make one like yours in my garden!Please tell me how big it is?

  2. [...] small shed converted to a tiny guest house in Western, Massachusetts. More info. here. [...]

  3. Gail Kelly says:

    Hi captain crafty!
    Seeing your tiny house in Western MA made me a little nostalgic for the beloved Berkshires.
    I sold my home of 16 years in New Marlborough(outside Gt Barrington) last summer and miss all the unique and earthy qualities of that part of the planet.
    Enjoy your life there. It is a special place! It looks like you are!

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