Skate Date

March 12th, 2012 by zoe 1 Comment

Nothing is sweeter to a mom of multiples than a special day with one child.

He colored patiently through my dance rehearsal. So a little ice cream and skate park trip were in order.

I was a little unprepared for how COMPLETELY GNARLY the skate park would be – 40 teenage boys warming every which way on wheels, lots and lots of wheels.

I was content to just watch but um… not Oliver. He zoomed right in there to join in. Aside from a bit of parental terror, I hugely loved that he felt that draw – he felt like he belonged in there with the  teenagers dropping into the bowl. And no one paid him any mind as he practiced his tricks, scootered up and down the ramps. 

We watched together getting to catch a glimpse of all the speed, centrifugal force, skill and determination it takes to drop in and fly back out!

It reminded me back to the days when they outlawed skateboarding in town. It was cops again kids when skaters wanted to borrow an urban curb for an hour. Fast forward 25 years, I felt pretty psyched for these kids that they have a space like this to hone skills, practice, perform and completely throw themselves into – just awesome.

Oh, and I think Oliver had a pretty good day too!


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  1. frugalqueen says:

    Big boys? Little boys? it’s good old fashioned play xxx Love Froogs xxx

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