Medals for Mama’s

February 29th, 2012 by zoe 4 Comments

Yesterday was a special day for me – my twin boys turned five!

Of course it was a special day for them, but children’s birthdays are something entirely different to a Mama.

As a Mother, you feel a sense of accomplishment at the mere feat of having brought them into another year – whole and thriving.

As a Mama, you toast yourself for navigating them around the potholes and pitfalls — You have a glass of wine and toast yourself, “Good Job!”.

After a couple more glasses you look around and think…

where the hell is my medal for raising these crazy kids!!!

Here they are at 4 weeks,

Does it feel like yesterday that they were tiny babies – no, not exactly!

They are spirited, boisterous, happy, cantankerous children who live life in a big way.

And in truth I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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  1. tonya lemos says:

    Congrats Zoe! You’ve done well! They look so grown up! Let’s have a drink soon!

  2. Mónica O. says:

    Felicidades por esos 5 y que vengan muchos mas de felicidad para uds. Me encanta tu blog, saludos desde Peru.

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