Love Echo’s

February 15th, 2012 by zoe No Comments

I am trying to be more friendly in my everyday, you know – be nice to people.

Valentines Day got me thinking about bouncing love around, really getting love to echo. Like a boomerang, if you throw love out there it usually comes back to you!

Kid’s are so very good at that. They are able to arrive at a park, make new friends in two seconds. Watch those wee ones, they they wear those little hearts on their sleeves. Good stuff.

So get outta your cloud and bounce some love around!

Dont miss out on the little pockets of heart you can find and share in your everyday. Be your own Valentine, throw love out there because in the end it comes back to you.

Or, at the very least – smile more.

And that is my Valentines Day resolution!




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