Going White

January 25th, 2012 by zoe 5 Comments

I thought I was pretty cool when I was painting this room brown. Fast forward several years and TWO coats of primer later – I am …. less than thrilled to be putting 4 coats of paint over this here BROWN room!

Caught half way through my second coat of priming in a vicious swirl of procrastination, today I WILL conquer.

Today I will paint the brown room till it is white and not watch season 2 of Downton Abbey in my pajama’s while nursing a nasty cold ….

Really, I will.


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  1. sara says:


  2. Beth-Marie says:

    I am on my way over over with hot toddys to watch downton abbey.

  3. Gwyneth says:

    I thought I MAY be in love with your blog… til you said you are over the brown bedroom and making it white AND have an affection for Downton Abbey. Now I KNOW I am in love with it!!!

  4. Kalina says:

    The most important about your walls is… you can always change the colour and all the room changes in one moment!

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