Grow, Regress, Grow

November 27th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

Parenting children is such an interesting ….(word choice? frustrating, challenging,huge) job.

There is a desire to create a “balance” in parenting that is somehow basked in an attainable golden light. Some days are angelic, while others are a complete and utter slog. Some days fly by while others are a grind that leaves you TRYING to keep your cool till bedtime.

The little ones they test, they demand, they work their magic – which somehow seems to unravel the fabric of your being till you click your heals and wonder WHY…. did I think being a parent would be FUN!!!

As parents we help them grow, rejoice in their accomplishments and then hold onto our hats when they fritter backwards. We teach, comfort, stand firm and gently nudge. Doing our best not to go stark raving mad in the process!

We must familiarize ourselves with the constant patterns of growth and it’s less popular cousin regression.

Somehow we all missed the chapter on Regression in our fantasy pre-parenting minds. Teaching them to walk, talk, tie their shoes and bring you coffee in bed seemed to take the forefront.  In reality moving forward with new skills is the easy peesy part! The hard part is holding it all together when they decide to unlearn themselves.

The hard part is teaching yourself that the true pattern is not grow grow grow but more likely GROW, REGRESS, GROW.

And on the on those rough days my special ritual is to sneak into their rooms after they have fallen asleep. I peek in on their quiet peaceful faces.   Oh they are small, oh they are learning, & oh I love them so.

Little rascals that they are!


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  1. Chiska says:

    Terrific Post! So true, thanks for the reminder.

    • Marymuffin says:

      Wonderfully put Captain! One of my favorite things is (my) sleeping children! Knowing they are cozy and warm, (and not tearing the house apart)is the best mommy bliss of all!

  2. Erika P says:

    I needed this reminder today too. Austin is testing, pushing, regressing, struggling with having a new sibling. And the new baby – she’s a fussy one these days. But then there are the moments, like yesterday, when Austin asks to hold her and she snuggles against him, completely quiet and peaceful. And I know they’re all I ever wanted and they’re only little for such a short time.

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