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October 16th, 2011 by zoe 5 Comments

Around here, we do cloth. Don’t even get me started about how much I love cloth diapers especially these!!  My sister actually packs her own paper towels when she comes to visit, which kinda cracks me up. Cloth napkins at the table are lovely. BUT, setting the table with a new round of napkins for each meal was proving to be a washing CHORE.

This post from Amanda over at SouleMama proved to be just the sort of big family table advice I needed to find  balance. Napkin rings — huh, not something I would have ever thought of…. but you know when each family member has their own special ring they can use a napkin for more than one meal and it really cuts down on the washing. Plus, children love rituals and jobs.  I love having them be part of the household by setting the table and helping prepare the meals. Win Win!

I had a bit too much fun finding antique napkin rings on Ebay. After way too much computer lusting…  Oliver my jumper has a kangaroo and Emmett my little bird has a chick. Big Dada has a very plain classic napkin ring,  just they way he likes it. I am still on the hunt for my own napkin ring identity —- out in the studio I have a bit of silver that might evolve into something perfect, someday.

Oh, and I did not make these napkins, I splurged and bought them at Target. I really hate ironing and the thought of making all those mitered corners makes me cringe! I am a big fan of no sew fringe edge napkins made with Kona Cotton fabric which can be found at just about any fabric store. Elmers our local breakfast joint uses single layer raw edge napkins and they work just great.  And if you missed it, here is a little tutorial I shared a few weeks back for a super quick school lunch napkin using the same technique.

Click the Captain Crafty project sheet, save to file and print.

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  1. Lori says:

    Oh those are so pretty!
    You are so crafty and creative!

  2. We do cloth everything too! Diapers, napkins, kitchen towels! My family also thinks we’re weird because we don’t buy paper towels. Anyhow, one way we keep track of our cloth napkins to be re used is that our napkins are a collection of various fabrics. Each one is different (mostly from left over fabric) so we can tell them apart.
    It was nice to connect with you at the Fall Festival!

    • Zoe says:

      Great to see you at the festival too Jessica, thanks for tracking me down!
      Did you make all your napkins? The cloth diapers they make now are just amazing, I am always trying to convert EVERYONE!

  3. I was also inspired by Amanda’s napkins. I have yet to find napkin rings, but I use a chai tea holder with individual glass places for each family member’s napkin. Does that make sense? And sigh, I am a Virgo, too. So we have napkins for each day of the week. The laundry part is ok…so far.
    xo Jules

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