Rainbow Race Coloring Sheet

October 15th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

When out hiking, biking and adventuring with my girlfriends the mishmash of children can get into major competition battles. You know what I mean — “ME FIRST”!

One of the tricks we found that manages to quell the heartbreak of not being first all the time is creating a team for the kids. We call the kid team “The Rainbow Racers” and we do our best to convince them to all work together to win the race again the “Momma Team”.  Many “ME FIRST MELTDOWNS” have been averted by tricking the herd of little folk to work together!

Ah, the marvels of working together — life long goodness can come from this life lesson!!!!

To get your own Captain Crafty Rainbow Racer Coloring Sheet

Click the photo, save to file and print.

For the best sized image allow your printer to “rotate and size to best fit the page”.

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