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October 24th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

Halloween is just a week away!

I spent a morning at preschool making and decorating animal masks with 20 plus children. I cut the shapes below from recycled cardboard the night before and the kids painted, glued and glittered to their heart’s content. I somehow got a teensy bit busy and didn’t manage to snap any pictures of the wee artist mayhem. The theme was animal masks and I had several different shapes for the children to choose from. Secretly I am hoping the masks will inspire homemade Halloween costumes that aren’t princess and super hero based… doubtful, I know.  We make and decorate cardboard masks a lot around here and I am sometimes shocked by their popularity and longevity. I’d call it good clean fun but as you can see from the glitterfest below we didn’t quite hit the clean mark on this latest decorating project!!

Here are the patterns I made for 3D masks.

With these four templates you can make owls, cats, tigers, bears, dogs and butterflies.

Print pattern pieces and cut desired shapes out of cardboard.

Tape the nose  V shape together to get your masks to pop out.

Punch out holes and thread with elastic.

Decorate and have lots of FUN!!!

Click mask templates and save to file, print and use as a guide to make your own animal masks from cardboard.



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6 Responses

  1. Lori says:

    These would make great Mardi Gras mask for the children next year.

  2. Beth-Marie says:

    Zoe, your such a badass! Thanks for rocking the preschool, we will definately be making more masks soon.

  3. Steffi Moss says:

    I am a home school mom and teacher~ I am always on the look out for crafts that are fun and also fit the curriculum we are working on~ The owl and bear masks are perfect for the Prairie Primer( Little House) we are doing~ Thank you! :o D

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