Green Today, Autumn Tomorrow

September 21st, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Here in New England we are teetering on Fall. The trees have caught a tinge of color -  pops of orange and red can be seen here and there.

Mama cow is telling little Dahlia Doodle to eat all the green grass she can hold because Winter is coming.  Little Dahlia  is a Summer calf, she has no idea about Winter. She hears the birds flying overhead in their great V’s, they too are squawking about Winter, so she figures Mama cow must indeed be right.

Our spring chicks are plumping up and look like real chickens. The big seasoned hens are telling them to eat lots of grubs and get cozy up on the roost because winter is coming. The young chicks wonder a bit but do just as they are told.

Here in New England  the hills echo with the sounds of chain saws. Winters wood must be stacked… and stacked… and stacked.

Tractors are circling the fields harvesting the last cut of hay. Quick, before it rains.

Hay balers are spitting out perfect cubes — more stacking,and stacking and stacking.  Whole barns stacked high, full of sweet summer hay.

Our caterpillars are emerging, transformed, from their chrysalis. We are whispering in their ears, to listen to the wind, Mexico is calling.

Summers bounty is being harvested, canned, frozen and preserved.

We are loving the sun and the green but Fall is here with its undeniable message.

” Winter is coming and you best be getting ready!”




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