Busy in the Studio

September 11th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Here in the studio I am working on some new dolls.

It takes FOREVER to design new doll bodies —- lots and lots of patterns sketched, sewn and tossed to the side. The studio floor is littered with revisions. I try to remember to write notes on each pattern piece as I revamp it, I try to write a number on each series of the revisions too so I can keep track of it all!  I started with number 1 and now these dolls are number 7, with a few more tweaks I think number 8 might be a go.

Alas sometimes there are many days between my studio hours and I am left puzzled as to where I left off.

Sometimes the beginnings can be frustrating, but as I get closer to adorable it starts to be a lot more fun.

Boy this elf work is hard!

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