Bringing Nature Indoors

September 2nd, 2011 by zoe 4 Comments

The monarch caterpillars seem a bit scarce this year. We have fields of milkweed but after several hunts have only managed to find three caterpillar. I am hoping they didn’t get washed away in all the rain from Irene.

We have a new terrarium set up for watching metamorphosis and are hoping for a wonderful show. Today we shall find some good sticks and set everything up for our new friends.

Did you know each summer it takes four life cycles of Monarch butterflies to complete migration to Mexico? Not all Monarchs migrate but those that do lay eggs along their route. The average life span of the first three eggs is only 2-6 weeks but the butterflies who hatch in Sept-October and fly down to Mexico live for 6-8 months. For some reason I always find long life spans in delicate creatures fascinating! For instance the fact that worms can live up to 4-8 years blows my mind!

Another really cool thing to learn about is epic migrations.

We really like this book  Bird, Butterfly, Eel by James Prosek. The artwork is fabulous and the story makes migration almost mystical.


Here is a little Butterfly Poem coloring Sheet we made to share. I colored mine too because – I just love to color!

To get your own click the sheet, save to file and print. To get the best size image allow your printer to scale to best fit the page.

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  1. Kate Bailey says:

    Thanks for the book link- ordered it to read to my K’s (and to H.)!

    • zoe says:

      Sweet – I hope the K’s like it. The paintings are amazing. a friend was just telling me that he has a wonderful book about fish for children too.
      Wishing you sunshine!

      • Kate Bailey says:

        So I did an AWESOME lesson with this book-
        After reading I had the kids ‘pack suitcases’ for each the animals in the story to take on their journey and then they got to pack one for themselves. The kids loved this activity and it brought out some really awesome conversation about wants/needs, etc.. Thanks again for pointing out such a great science book for kids.

        ps- missed you on peach butter night- let’s go get a drink soon!

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