A Game of Silly Stories

September 3rd, 2011 by zoe No Comments

My boys are 4 (and a half) now and their play has changed dramatically. They now live in that grand imaginary phase where creativity and pretend play are king. It’s fascinating to hear them talk to one another while they verbally cooperate and map out the rules of stories and games. Everything is bright and wildly magic – I simply love this age. Sometimes they get so caught up in what is imagined they have trouble telling a story that isn’t half fabricated by their wishes and dreams.

I started to play a game with them to make light of this. I  try to acknowledge that the story isn’t entirely TRUE while still finding a place for it in our day without crushing the momentum of their great visions of how the world COULD be. I simply begin telling a story that is even more wild and unlikely.

For instance I might say  – “Oh yeah, well last week while I was gardening on the moon I saw …..”

Then I invite whomever else is present to take a turn telling a wild tale. We all volley back and forth telling larger and larger tales. We also laugh and laugh – the kids just love it.

Four is the age of silly – silly rules and silly reigns and silly really gets things done! When in doubt get silly and you will see —–

grumpy, loud and mad get behavior that is mostly bad but silly oddly enough gets things done.


“Don’t you dare put your shoes on little boys because there is a family of bears living in there”

“Ahhhhh… don’t do it!”

“Oh dear, those poor bears will have to find a new home!”

“You are awfully fast at getting your shoes on these days!”

Now you too must imagine.

Imagine that this post has a lovely painting of a family of bears living in a shoe, not because I cant figure out how to use my new computer but because a family of bears has borrowed it for the weekend and …  imagination is good for us ALL!



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