Magic Inventions

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My mind likes to think of inventions. Sometimes they are practical ideas for simple things and sometimes they are wholly improbable, but amusing none the less. For instance today I was wishing I could invent a ….

CLEAN HOUSE RETENTION FORCE FIELD - You know how it is, you clean the house and it only lasts…. um…. 15 MINUTES! If you install THE CLEAN HOUSE RETENTION FORCE FIELD it will guarantee a clean house will last at least 48 hours. Amaze-ZING!

The RELAXA-BUCKLE-UP-ORAMA would be another fabulous invention. This lovely contraption would freeze time as children dilly dally while getting into the car. Rather than grinding their teeth or shouting adults would be frozen in a calm and dreamy state while children…ever so slowly….complete the task of GETTING IN THEIR @#$%^! SEATS!

The other day the kids were asking me how some very complicated technologies worked. I had to tell them, I didn’t know! We would have to learn about them together.

It got me thinking about two inventors, Albert Einstein and Philo T. Farnsworth.  I told them what I remembered about the story of Philo T. Farnsworth as he was depicted series The American Experience, Big Dream, Small Screen. Have you heard of him, heard his story??

As a boy, of 14, he was struck by the patterns in the soil made by the disk harrow. It gave him the glimmer of an idea that he followed through his life to eventually invent television. The boys were wild about the idea that a kid could be an inventor. I am wild about the idea that a boy could show so much focus, determination, persistence and follow through. Qualities any mother would hold in high esteem!

When you start each day with children who ask lots of questions you never know where you will wind up! Society has a lot to say about what you should teach children and sometimes it’s easy to get all tangled up in it. But hell, if they want to learn about electrical engineering but are not the least interested by what letter comes after C in the alphabet I sure as heck will do my best to oblige. I will leave that pile of dishes in the sink and hope that we can invent my clean house force field SOON,it would make a lovely birthday gift!

I have no illusions that they will be great minds. I simply hope they find the discovery of new knowledge to be as cool as I do. I hope they never give up being curious about life.

Albert Einstein held firm in the belief that knowledge and imagination together create true genius. When in doubt just go with Einstein!

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
- Albert Einstein

A bit of a downplay on your brainpower there Albert, but, I love the passionately curious part!






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