Asking a 1,800 Pound Bull Pretty Please

August 2nd, 2011 by zoe 1 Comment

This is Thor. He weighs about 1,800 pounds, loves grass and flowers.  He comes to visit sometimes and hangs outs out with the girls, eating, pooping and procreating.

When his Dad comes to get him, he just doesn’t want to go home, he is still having fun playing with his friends. He stomps his feet a bit, then he gets distracted by the tall grass, flowers and toys in the yard. He thinks he would rather go back and play with his friends, he doesn’t want to listen to Dad.

His Dad knows, you just cant push him around, you gotta get him to think getting in the car was HIS idea. Maybe you let him play a little longer, pay him no mind. Next you bribe him with a tasty treat. “Come on Thor it’s time to go home – if you get into the car, all by yourself, I will give you a gobble of grain”.  Then as a last resort you invite his friends to have the tasty treat in the trailer instead  — because if his friends want it, that will REALLY make HIM want it.

If you are an 1,800 pound bull you certainly DON’T share your treats!

These are the girls – they love grain too.

Watching the big bull dilly dally and protest I started thinking -

getting an 1,800 pound bull into the trailer is kind of like herding children into the car!

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