T-shirt redo & Logo Busting

July 15th, 2011 by zoe 1 Comment

We get lot’s of hand-me-downs, in fact, most of my children’s clothing has been preloved.  I love that – especially because it removes me from having to shop and spend money, or worry about them getting dirty. Not to mention they go through them so fast – just last week I brought a car load of clothes to the Goodwill!  They love to choose their outfits and dress themselves and I have zero interest in getting involved  (perhaps this is somewhat obvious in noticing their mismatched socks and multi patterned ensembles). In truth, I have cherry picked from those wonderful hand-me-down bags carefully selecting the contents of their dresser. You see, I have gotten sick of all the logo’s and team sports, all the drab colors. I guess I just wish little boy clothes were funkier – rather than miniature versions of the latest men’s fashions. There is plenty of time for them to wear the uniform of manhood – um.. hunter green, navy blue, and heathered gray!  At four, I want their clothes to be bright and fun, imaginative and funky. Just like them!

After sorting through a gifted bag of second-hand clothes last night there was a giant stack of really nice shirts all sporting lots of ink and graphics. I got an idea for logo busting.


Note here – a perfectly good shirt sporting a nonexistent varsity football team.

Quick as can be it is now an ultra funky and bright custom star shirt!

It’s pretty darn simple – just cut shapes from old t-shirts and hand stitch them over logo’s, stains or images you just don’t care to broadcast across your children’s chest. I used colorful embroidery floss and stitched it somewhat wildly adding bits of ornamental stitching along the way.

Now how sweet and cute is that, there is plenty of time for them to play varsity football, no?

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