Make a Paper Nesting Toy

July 20th, 2011 by zoe 6 Comments

We are having a lot of fun playing with this stacking toy we made. The boys have come up with some theories about the story.

Emmett thinks it might not have been Goldilocks fault that baby bears chair broke, “it was probably an antique”. Ha Ha! Oliver thinks the three bears would have shared but Goldilocks forgot to say please and ask nicely. Love it!

To make your own stacking toy click the photo’s, save to file, and print. To get the best size image allow your computer to scale to best fit the page.


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  1. eljahB says:

    This is such a cute tutorial. I’m sharing it on my FB page. My 4yr. old daughter and I learned about nesting dolls from Russia as part of an “Around the World” tour we are doing month to month. This is a great twist and something she is going to love!

    • zoe says:

      So glad you like it. We have made another version that my boys are wild about, hope to post it up soon!
      Cheers, Zoe

  2. Cindy says:

    So glad I was searching for three bears activities. This is adorable and all of your printables that I have looked through are just fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing them! I am going to be reading through various versions of the 3 bears story with my kiddos and these are just perfect! Thanks!!

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  4. Louise says:

    Thank you for this wonderful printable, I am using the Goldilocks story in my English classes in France and the children are going to love making their very own family of bears.

    I look forward to looking at more of your ideas


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