Welcome to the studio

June 15th, 2011 by zoe 3 Comments

Welcome to my studio!  We built the barn several years ago – meaning with our hands, we built it.  Meaning my Dad patiently taught, guided, and worked like a dog to help us build it. Thank you Dad. Oh and thank you for taking a deep breath and reframing the wall to put in those 3 little windows for me – I always look out them and smile!

As is always the case with big projects – we ran out of money, my upstairs studio lay in wait.  A year ago it finally got good stuff like lights, heat, walls. A year ago it became my home away from home, my sanctuary. I still feel like I am moving in – getting things figured out, finding a groove. Slowly I am beginning to fill it with little bits that make me happy. Slowly it is beginning to feel like me.

I wont lie, it is always a mess.  In all honesty,  love it that way. I love to be able to have 5 projects laying about without having to CLEAN up.  I feel so happy to be able to have a space to lay out yards of fabric and ponder.  I would like to fill it friends – get all crafty and laughy and sew up bits of fancy.  Feel free to visit and solder a bit of silver, add some snaps to a special project, take a whirl on the serger or just have a bit of tea and cozy up on Grandma Olive’s old sofa. I promise I will clean up a bit, come visit, oh please do.

Welcome to the studio – this is where the stuff is made.



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  1. Tina Cornell says:

    Dreamy!! Would love to visit sometime!! I may not leave. :)

  2. I feel like Bob Barker on The Price is Right when I say -
    “Come on Down”

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