Recycled T-Shirt Baby Hat

June 23rd, 2011 by zoe 20 Comments

This sweet little baby hat makes a charming gift and can be stitched from simple stuff found around the house. All you need are a couple of old t-shirts, some dental floss, straight pins, a needle and an hour of time to spare. This Alabama Stitch Book inspired cap fits 4 to 18 months.

Click pattern, save to file, print, and start stitching to make your own hand sewn baby cap.

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  1. Kristin H. says:

    These are so sweet. I have a baby in mind who might get one of these. I’m loving these tutorials and project ideas.

  2. Danielle says:

    These are awesome and since I have this little babe they might be just the thing to make before he becomes not-so-little. :)

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  4. I am a big fan of Alabama Stitching and these hats totally have that vibe! Lovely job!

    • zoe says:

      Thank You! I have found so much inspiration from Natalie Chanin’s books – I just love hand stitching t-shirt jersey.
      Fun stuff!

  5. Erin says:

    reminds me of something from the middle ages. Might be a good thing to have if one is taking an infant to ren-faires or SCA events.
    Just my random 2 cents worth

  6. Thank you so much – I have been wanting a pattern for these for a while! have a great day.

  7. LuAnn Epperson says:

    Hi Zoe, I love the little hats you made from T-Shirts. The hat would be perfect for my granddaughter. She was born at 29 wks and just celebrated her 1st b-day in Feb. She is thriving and has met all development milestones,but because she was born so early, she is severely hearing impaired in both ears. Would you consider letting me purchase a few hats from you? These hats would be wonderful to help with her hearing aids. As you can imagine, she always wants to pull the aids out. Thanks much for considering my request.

    Kindest Regards,

    • zoe says:

      LuAnn, I would be honored to make a hat for your granddaughter – what a wonderful and inspiring little sprout she must be!
      Feel free to send me an email with your daughters info.

  8. I adore this hat! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Kimara says:

    I love it when I happen upon a craft that has been floating around for quite some time. What a find! I LOVE these caps. I love it when a repurposed item turns into such a useful and lovely project! I’ll be linking on WFA’s Facebook page. Thanks for sharing :)

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  13. OMG! That is too cute! I ove this (and the baby as well, such a Sweetypie!) I had a hat like this for my babygirl but it doesn’t fit her anymore and I was looking for a pattern to make one myself- and here it is I guess… Thankyou very much for sharing it with us!
    Bora from Switzerland

  14. Krystle says:

    These are absolutely awesome and I’m goin to use the as an eye opener to what we can upcycle shirts to in the class I will be teaching at church. I will give you credit and they wont be sold. Thank you for the pattern!!!

  15. ana ortiz says:

    Thanks for sharing this work so special and fantastic, now I will for my new granddaughter who is one month old and as winter comes I will fall well this hat for the cold arrived, thank you very much and congratulations on your work a hug from Mexico.

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