Alabama Stitch Skirt & Market days

June 6th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Lazy Saturdays are country market days. Romping with friends, choosing a pastry,  planning dinner with local ingredients, lounging on the hillside in the shade of a wild apple tree, melodies mixing with the breeze.  It really is this carefree and idyllic. So easy to chat the day away without a care for the chores awaiting you at home.  How I love the farmers who grow, harvest, pack up and haul their wares to town.  Yum!On a crafty note – this is a skirt I stitched as a gift for my sister from the Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin.  It’s two XXL t-shirts in grey for the top layer, and two black t-shirts for the bottom layer. All hand stitched with a rose stencil painted in black and then cut away to reveal the under layer.  The skirt and the stitching came out great but unfortunately I used too much spray adhesive in adhering the stencil and there is a bit of sticky goo left!!  Grrrr.  It has been washed to no avail so now I need to get more creative.  I thought perhaps to stick it in the freezer and try to scrape it off?! Idea’s welcome. Maybe just wearing it nonetheless would be the best option.  I can almost see it here on the hill with some flip-flops at the market.

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