Quilting for babies

April 13th, 2011 by zoe No Comments


There is something so satisfying about crafting for babies, I always love to handmake something for each and every infant that steals my heart.  I realized the other day when whipping up these paper applique vegetable quilts for two very special babies in my life that there were a couple of things that make the experience so VERY pleasing to me. First I just love the idea of a baby wrapped in handmade flannel.  A circle of women artists tend to stitch and knit the very first belonging of a wee new child, there is something wonderfully pure and primal to be part of that crafty posse. And it’s a bit fun to show off your bad ass designs at a baby shower.  Sadly my boys now tend to reject the clothes I make for them, no matter how “COOL”.  At four they can somehow already smell the dork implications on their mama made velvet yoga pants. Though I discovered this December that if “Santa made it” – it’s golden.  So now I am privy to a new bonus in sewing for infants -   they can’t yet complain, that they wanted yellow not blue, that they wanted 4 carrots not 3!

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