A SLOW Spring

March 13th, 2011 by zoe No Comments

Life here in the woods, for the most part, is lovely.  But the tail end of winter can be a bit rough.  Spring and Winter yo yo back and forth, the skiing may be done but the bike ridding has yet to begin, and the mud begins to invade.  It’s “break up” season as they call it in Alaska.  And the children are restless.

Field trips are always critical  this time of year and digging deeper into the bag of trick for games and fun to fill  these lingering days spent indoors.  Sewing projects are abound but dreams of gardening, oh they have begun.

A trip to town for puddle stomping, new library books and warm coco can brighten even the worst case of the …

Why is Winter sooo long  blues.

Let the sun shine.

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